Sales Hustle is now Sales Transformation


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Great Content

Collin is a great host with tons of awesome guests. Do yourself a favor and go back into the archives on this pod as there is so much to takeaway!


Great podcast Collin! Love the content and learn a ton from it ~Ash

Sales Transformation is good podcast

Since I started listening to this show I have been crushing my quota. 👍

Great Podcast

Great show for sellers and sales leaders.

Life Changing Podcast

Sales Transformation is part of my morning routine. It’s always there for me first thing in the morning. Grateful for all that goes into providing me with so much value

This podcast is amazing

I have seriously leveled up as a human and as a seller since I started to listen to Sales Transformation.

Collin is a fabulous host

Collin is a fabulous host. He always has the best guests and asks fantastic questions.

I Love this podcast !!!

I have been listening to this show since it was Sales Hustle. I love the new name and format. Listener for life right here.

Sales Wisdom

Collin is a gracious host who asks provoking questions bringing out golden nuggets for his audience. Engaging, keeping it real, and solutions we can use to close that deal. We’ll done Collin and thanks for all you do.


If you are an SDR, BDR, AE of Sales Manager you need to tune into Sales Transformation, There is so much value for anyone in any sales role.

Lifelong Learner

If I had to recommend one thing to anyone new in sales it would be to listen to Sales Transformation every day and go back to listen to the older episodes as well.

Great informative podcast

I love everything about Sales Transformation. All of the guests are always bring so much value to every episode. ts like getting your free sales MBA!

Helpful subjects

I get so much value from the short solo episodes that are usually under ten mins on Tuesdays and Thursdays!

This is my all-time favorite sales podcast.

This is my all-time favorite sales podcast. It’s much more conversational than many other sales podcasts which is what I like most about it.

Highly recommend podcast

This has to be the best sales podcast on Apple. Highly recommend this to all sellers!

The Awesome podcast

I’m so happy that this podcast went from three days per week and five days per week of killer sales advice, tips and experiences.

Collin is a fantastic host!!

Collin is such a fantastic host. He really knows how to get a ton of value in a short episode.

Great informative podcast

Every seller needs Sales Transformation in their podcast feed. So much value in all of the conversation on the show. Love all the awesome guests Collin brings on.

My Favorite podcast

This is my favorite podcast. I found Sales Transformation more recently and went back and binged listened to all the episodes and boy was it worth it.


Collin always brings on the best guest and I love the new solo episodes on Tuesday and Thursday.

Definitely worth listening!

A must for anyone looking to become a better, more effective and productive salesperson! Great energy and actionable tips and strategies you can implement today!

Inspiring and informative

Love this podcast. Packed with so many good value for Sellers.

I love this podcast

Love Sales Transformation. I get so much out of every episode.

Been listening since episode #173-#1

I have been listening from the beginning since the first episode and just can’t get enough.

Been listening since episode #1

My favorite daily sales podcast. I’m always learning new things by tuning in.

Great show

Best sales podcast ever. Love all the fantastic episodes.

My favorite podcast

I look forward starting my day with Sales Transformation. I only wish Collin dropped episodes on the weekend. 🙌

Modern sales tips

My manager recommended Sales Transformation to me and my team and I’m so glad she did. Best modern sales tips everyday!

For Anyone Starting Anything New- Must Listen To

Someone on my team has been totally crushing it and when I asked him what changed he said he started listening to this podcast. Since I subscribed my sales Success ss has taken off. Thanks Collin and all the fantastic guests. 🙏


I listen to new episodes everyday to start my day. Best sales podcast to learn and get better everyday.