Sales Hustle is now Sales Transformation


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Love it !

The best way to learn about business.

Great show

Great way to hear insiders from the world of Collin Mitchell

My favorite podcast!

I LOVE this show. Inspiring, comforting, interesting, and amazing.

Favorite podcast

Can’t wait for new episodes every week. Incredible show!

Great Podcast

My fav podcast to listen to on long car rides

Great podcast!

By far, the best podcast that keeps me motivated as an entrepreneur. So inspiring and I’ve learned so much from listening to many episodes. Keep up the amazing job!

The best podcast

Not much to say. Collin Mitchell is a leader. He has a podcast. Get some

Love these guys!

Great podcast, extremely informational and I love how they explain Sales Transformation terms in average joe language so those of us that don’t know all the complicated stuff get a chance to learn!


This podcast is amazing! Great, useful information! Thank you for putting this together!!

Incredible podcast!

Truly a must listen for anyone looking to enhance their Sales Transformation strategies and expand their wealth. Each episode unpacks an aspect of REI to provide top notch information and great advice!

Amazing Show

This show has helped me more than any book or training course.

Great podcast

Very timely guest and subject. Well done!


Very inspiring and motivating. Thank you!

Positive Change

This podcast has helped me look at life in the perspective of a warrior. Thank you, Collin Truly.

My favorite podcast

Favorite podcast


The best podcast on leadership!

Great show!

Collin Mitchell, hosts of the podcast, highlight all aspects of leadership, business and more in this can’t miss podcast! The hosts and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

Must try to listen to

Great host with a great podcast - so easy to listen to - keep up the good work..

My favorite podcast

Helps me understand so many headlines which I only vaguely understood before and best of all the podcast is Sales Transformation

Love this podcast

Thank you for this. I have learned so much!

Excellent Series!

Really well done series. Loved it!

Love it

Listen to it every day and always makes me think

Love it!!!!

I look forward to the Collin Mitchell every day. I learn something new from them on every show. And it’s presented in such a fun way.

Everyday new knowledge

Despite being a daily podcast, the Collin Mitchell team still able to output really interesting topics fairly often, to the point that I feel several of these could pretty soon pass to become Planet money episodes with further work. Good series if you want something good to listen to almost every day.

Educational but fun

Genuinely enjoy every episode. I learn something new each time

Great show!

I always recommend this show-I learn so much every week.

Love it!!

Listen all the time ! Thanks guys!

Great episode!

Thanks for the Episode Collin Mitchell

Love this podcast!

I have learned so much with this podcast. Every episode I listen to, I make sure I have a notepad and take notes to applied them to my own life or business. The best! Honestly. Thank you for doing this and for your wonderful interview style and soothing/calming voice.

Love this show!!

I love the message of this show to put investing information in the hands of man so they feel empowered about their finances