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Direct and zero punches pulled

One thing I like about the Sales Transformation Podcast is that Collin walks the talk by being sales leader himself in his day to day. It’s not some aspirational sales manager talking a lot of noise about what sales leaders should be doing when never having been in the role themselves. Plus, you can tell he’s been through a lot with how he approaches his guests lol Not holding back from tough questions and going deep on important topics, just a like a true sales rep. Doing great discovery and finding the emotional hook to drive the conversation forward.

A must-listen for sales professionals and entrepreneurs!

This podcast is such a great listen for sales professionals and entrepreneurs of all levels - and Collin is a fantastic host! Strong recommend!

Practical sales advice

I enjoy listening to Collin’s podcast. He brings up valuable sales related content that actually helps us to be better at the craft of selling. Harry Spaight

Enjoy the show

This is one of the only sales podcasts I listen to. The host has a lot of energy and brings out nuggets from his guests.

Collin brings a wealth of experience and personality to Sales Transformation. I like to say nobody went to school for sales. Collin brings each of those unique stories of how people found sales to life in a fun and engaging way. Must listen!

Solid show with lots of actionable and relevant sales content.

Best Sales Podcast

I absolutely love this podcast! Daily doses of sales tips, strategies, and encouragement. Collin is a phenomenal host and made an excellent guest for my podcast, the COPreneur Path Podcast. Thanks Collin!

Daily Listener

I listen to the show every day. You will not find better financial advice anywhere!


This is my favorite podcast, interesting and informative!

I love this podcast!!

I really love all of the incredible guests that Collin gets on the podcast. Some of my recent favorites are Leslie Venetz, William Holden, and Jeff Risely.

Best podcast!!❤️💥

I started listening to Sales Transformation when I got promoted to AE. One of my colleagues recommends it and I listen every morning before I start my day when I walk my dog. I have learned so much and I'm cruising it in my new role.


I love the short solo episodes Collin does, they are my favorite.


The guests on Sales Transformation are always dropping gems.

This is one of my favorite sales podcasts

This is one of my favorite sales podcasts that I listen to daily. I really enjoyed the episode with Jame Buckely!

Best podcast

I love the episode with AJ from Quota Path.His story was very interesting and I learned a lot as a founder that is scaling right now.

I love this show!

The episode with Sam Sales was epic! 🙌

Great podcast

I’m constantly learning new sales skills from sales transformation. I’m super grateful to Collin and all the guests. I really loved the episode with Leslie as I can totally relate as a woman sales leader.

Love This sales transformation Podcast!

I learn so much from listening to sales transformation. I really love the short episode on Tuesday and Thursday.

I really love this podcast

I really love this podcast, it was recommended to me by my manager.

Great podcast

I get so much value from this podcast. I’m new in sales and listening to sales transformation daily has really helped me learn a lot very quickly that I can use in my role.

My favorite podcast!! ❤️💥

Sales Transformation is my favorite daily podcast. I prefer five guest episodes as I love learning about other peoples stories. ❤️💥

Collin’s helping me step my sales game up

I really dig the contrast of very short episodes interspersed with longer-form interviews - all based around the broad topic of sales. Collin’s got a smooth demeanor and an approachable style which makes for easy listening of proven gems. As an avid content creator, I don’t feel like I’m naturally gifted at sales when I need to be intentional about selling something I’ve created. But once I learned to look at sales through a different lens - via the insights of podcasts like Collin’s - my perception and fluency with sales changed. The education continues. I’m just grateful that this podcast is helping me sharpen my tools!

Top Sales Podcast Out Right Now

Collin does an amazing job on giving daily sales tips to help every day sales people perfect their craft. If you’re in sales this should be at the top of your listening list.

The greatest sales podcast you'll ever hear.

Collin is an expert communicator. You won't find a more engaging or knowledgeable podcast than this! I guarantee you'll learn something new that will help your business, no matter what industry it is in. Collin has the rare ability to make simple subject matter interesting and he gives more value than most could ever hope for.

A great listen for any salesperson or entrepreneur.

Collin and the Sales Transformation Podcast are a great listen for any salesperson or entrepreneur trying to get better at sales. They bring on great successful guests who know how to help you hit your sales goals. I recommend this podcast to anyone who is trying to be an elite seller.

Great podcast

I do enjoy the Podcast.

Great podcast

I really enjoy the show. The advice is super helpful. And listening to everyone and their success stories helps keep me on track with my own financial goals.

Great content

Love this podcast, great content!

Life Changing

I have been following Collin and his principles for over 1 years now and it’s completely transformed our financial future! This podcast is informative, entertaining and motivating to help you stay in your lane and accomplish all that God has for you!

Life changing

The show covers all basis of life. Follow the steps and your life changes dramatically for the better.