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Oct. 16, 2020

Episode #7 S1-EP7 Adopting Technology with Ryan Reisert

For this episode, Collin brings Ryan Reisert to Sales Hustle. Ryan tells his story from an aspirant Math teacher and Coach to becoming a Sales director. We will hear all about how he packed all his bags and made a bold move to San Francisco where he landed his first sales job and the rest was history.

Ryan Reisert has a passion for helping people at solving problems at a very young age and led him to aspire to become a teacher and coach. His true calling fell into Sales and helping others.

One of the few nuggets Ryan discussed was the system that he created called ‘buckets’ that will surely help level-up your sales game.

Ryan is also the co-author of an e-book called The Math of Sales Market Dominance. This is a tool that will definitely accelerate your sales growth. 

Here’s a link for The Math of Sales Market Dominance for free access:

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