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Oct. 9, 2020

Episode #4 S1-EP4 Motivation For Companies with Larry Long Jr

Collins’ guest today is Larry Long Jr. known as LLJ in the sales world. We got to know more about LLJ as he talks about his first sales journey at the age of 13 to becoming a sales professional. In this episode, Collin and Larry talk about the “Why’s”, the Motivation, the Pillars, and so much more to becoming a successful sales professional. This episode is extra special as LLJ has a special treat for everyone at the end of the show.

LLJ has a story to tell that made him a very successful in the salesworld. Experiencing a failed business in the past, LLJ is highly motivated in helping others not to fail.

LLJ drops truth wisdoms that sales professionals can learn from that will lead to success. Truth wisdoms such as being genuine, caring about people, being curious, asking the right questions, nurturing relationships, etc. and so much more.

With a hot pink louisville slugger in the show, LLJ hits hard in discussing key points that will definitely level up your sales game.

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Episode 4 -  Larry Jr

Welcome to the sales hustle. The only no BS podcast, where we bring you the real raw uncut experiences from sales change makers across various industries. The only place where you can get what you're looking for to up your sales game today's episode is brought to you by sales cast sales cast helps sales professionals transform the relationship building.

[00:00:27] Process and win their dream clients. I'm your host, Colin Mitchell. All right. I have a very special guest today, yours L L J Larry Long, jr. For those of you that do not know he is well known in the sales world, and I know he's going to bring nothing but fire for you guys to up your sales game. And he's got something super special for you, which we're going to tell you about.

[00:00:55] At the end, Larry, I I've interviewed you before a little bit more on the personal side, but we're going to talk nothing but sales today. And I want to jump right into tell us the short version of your sales journey, how you got into sales, and then let's just save some time for the knowledge, bombs and motivation that I know you're going to bring up.

[00:01:18] To the episode today. Oh man. Thanks so much, Colin. Appreciate it. Happy to be here. My sales journey started at the age of 13 lawns by Larry knocking on doors in my neighborhood. We lived in a townhouse. It sits in $12 for the inside units, 15 for the outside. Cause they got the front, the back end, the side and just knocking on doors.

[00:01:40] My mom printed out some flyers. I pretty much said. Wouldn't you rather be chilling on your yacht than doing a low mow in your lawn and miscellaneous lawn care services? I was there the next year. I took my little sister she's 10 years younger. I think she was four. My mom got her dressed up in her Sunday's best.

[00:01:59] And I took her with me. And it's amazing what a beautiful little girl would do when you got up. No, nothing, no line. I got the face for radio too. People were like, will she mow my lawn? I'm like, what about me? But at 30, that was my start in sales in professional sales. My first career was working at Accenture, doing it consultant.

[00:02:19] Wasn't really passionate about it. So I opened up an indoor baseball and softball Academy. So I was out there hustling and selling the service we had to help you get tight and get right. With your hitting as well as your pitching. I actually, I hired someone. I don't know how to pitch. I was a thrower. You better watch your lips.

[00:02:39] You might take them to the dome, but I, after my Academy failed, end up getting with a software company. Making $150 a day to CPAs and accountants, just getting beat up each and every day and learning that you've got to have that same enthusiasm with call number one 49 that you do with call number one, it's kind of like baseball and let's work out the first three of bats.

[00:03:05] You better have that same enthusiasm and that excitement in that fourth at bat, or else you are not going to have success, uh, uh, consistently. No a hundred percent. All right. So there's so much there. Let's, let's back up for a second. Before we get too far down the rabbit hole. Um, number one, I'm always impressed how you always have a backup in your reach

[00:03:30] when I play. So now I just carry it around with me. I'm kind of like Linus. This is my blanket. If you're listening to the audio version here, uh, Larry Long jr. Has a hot pink Louisville Slugger. And, uh, I don't know how he does it, but he's always got a baseball bat in his reach. Oh, coach long. RI love it, man.

[00:03:53] Uh, all right, so, so, so let's, let's, let's back up for a second. So, ah, first of all, I don't know how many people actually make it to 149 dials these days. Not many, many, unless they're on some sort of automated, predictive dialer. That's doing most of the work for them. Right. Um, yeah, I mean, I had humble beginnings myself.

[00:04:17] It was like, here's the script. Here's a list of names and hit the phones. And, uh, you know, there was some bad habits that I picked up there. And I talk about this a lot, where there was some bad habits. It was like, Hey, we didn't really care about nothing, but our commission, it was like, make an offer. Uh, if they don't buy, make another offer, change the subject.

[00:04:38] And if they don't buy. Then get a commitment, right? So it was like three offers and then get a commitment. And that was it. But I learned some good things in that. Um, and it was hard work, you know, just pounding the phones, nothing high tech. We didn't have any fancy cadences or sequences or predictive dialers or local caller ID proves presence.

[00:05:00] You had to bring what you said is that energy. Into every call. Right. And that's why I know that you're a big believer in this. It's a it's. So it's what, how you say is more important than what you say so true. And, uh, your why? So, I mean, I was just coming off of a failed business and my experience with our accountant really good guy.

[00:05:24] Cared about us, but he wasn't able to communicate the story that the income statement, the balance sheet and statement of cash flows told us. So unfortunately, numbers that we were good at batting averages runs, scored stolen basis. Home runs those aren't the, the numbers that you need to have a successful business.

[00:05:44] And when I worked for the accounting software company, I wasn't motivated by helping accountants per se. I wanted to help them, but most importantly, I wanted to help the small business owners that they supported that were in the shoes that I was once in. And essentially that was my passion. And that was really what helped me to have success by letting the accountants know my story.

[00:06:11] Hey, I know you're passionate about helping your business owners, but I also know that there's in the communication. And let me ask you now, how do you ensure that your small business owners understand all those pieces of paper that you give them that ended up going into the file cabinet? Never to be seen again in most cases.

[00:06:32] And a lot of them didn't have. The answers would you like to really serve as that trusted business advisor and not just my numbers guy? Not just my accountant who puts together my taxes. Yes. Well, I've got a tool that can help and enable you to do that. A Larry. Tell me more now not everyone said, Hey, Larry, tell me more funny story.

[00:06:55] I had one accountant who said, you know what, Larry, I think I was calling New York, New Jersey. He said, Hey, go ahead and put on a pair of concrete shoes and jump off a bridge. I said, Oh, I said, Ooh, they didn't teach us how to overcome this objection. This dude just told me to kill myself. Uh, I said, uh, God bless you to kill him with kindness.

[00:07:20] Yeah. Yeah. Now there's such an important piece out of what you just said that I want to dig deeper on because I don't want anybody to miss it. And what it is your kids. You talked a little bit about your, why, what motivates you, which is super important because you had your own personal story of your business failing, which was your motivation to want to help other businesses not fail.

[00:07:42] Right. But what you did with that, you created a store. Yep. You created a story which helped you sell. You created a story that resonated with folks to want to hear more. You understood the problems in the challenges that they might have in not an, not that would avoid that and not allow them to get to where they maybe want to go or provide the type of level of service that they would want to.

[00:08:12] So that's such an important piece. That's like the art of selling. Yeah. And I mean, you said it, it's not an dictionary yet, but story selling it's so important. What's your story. People can, people can refute anything that you say, but my story is my story. My business failed because my partner and I did not understand our numbers.

[00:08:34] We work with an accountant kind of like you Collin, if you're the prospect and grey guy, Loved us one to help us, but unfortunately it wasn't provided with the tools and resources. I remember vividly sitting there and my eyes glazing over and my head caught a not no when he was going through the numbers.

[00:08:54] And, Oh man, when can I get back to talking about batting averages and RBI? That's the fun stuff. This Jimbo, Jimbo, jab, or jumble rumble, jumbo that you're talking about. It just, it doesn't connect. I don't understand what you're talking about Willis. So that resonated with a lot of folks, not everyone. I mean, it's one of those things where your message, isn't always going to connect with the pain that someone has.

[00:09:22] It's kind of like going to the doctor and the doctor saying, Hey, Larry, thanks for coming in. I'm the best ankle surgeon in the world. Hey, doc, you didn't even ask me any questions, dude. It's my right shoulder. That's where my pain is. So you take that ankle surgery and go to st. Elsewhere. You can't help me.

[00:09:40] It's the same thing. We've got to be salesy doctors by asking the questions of what's your pain. How long has it been going on? Do you want to take action? I'll be honest with you. My right shoulder. I got a bum right shoulder. I don't want to take action. I'm I'm afraid I have what they call white coat syndrome.

[00:09:59] I'm afraid when I go see a doctor, a dentist, I started getting nervous, started breaking out into the sweat. So it's like, Hey, the benefit would be great. I'd be able to long toss a baseball with my son, but nah, ain't nobody got time for that scariness of going underneath the knife. I'm not ready to do that.

[00:10:17] And that, and that ties back to sales. And I know where you're going with this, right, because, okay. Yeah, maybe the pain exists. But people don't like change the pain has gotta be great enough for them to be willing to go through the change in order to get to the other side of what the benefit is of whatever it is.

[00:10:38] You're selling. People don't care. People don't care about. It features people don't care about how many awards you won, how are you going to help them? And is what you want to help them with. Even something that they want help with, or even the pain. Great enough for them to even be willing to go through the change of receiving your help.

[00:10:56] Hey, Colin, I know you listened to the same radio station that I do. W I F M also known as. What's in it for me. That's what every prospect is asking. Hey, Larry, you called me. You emailed me. You send me a little funny gift, Jeff, on social. All I care is what's in it for me, man. Can you make your life easier?

[00:11:18] Can you help me burn generate more money? Can you help me save time? Can you help me reduce costs? If you can't communicate and show me what's in it for me, ain't nobody got time for that. No. Exactly. Exactly. Um, and, and, and the thing is, is you have to be good at it asking the right questions. Right? You talked about asking the right, you know, asking questions, you know, to help because sometimes the pain is there and they don't even know it.

[00:11:49] Right. Or the pain is greater than they even think like, yeah, we're not, you know, this is the problem. Well, what does that mean for your business? What does that mean for you personally digging deep, like, Oh, that means we're not going to grow by X amount. Oh, that means I'm not going to hit my bonus. Oh, that means that I can't take my family on that vacation that I've been thinking about, dig deep on like what not solving that problem, or, you know, have remedying that.

[00:12:16] Pain. What does that actually mean for the individual? Colin? You hit it on the head. And when I think about it, it's when I go to the doctor and he starts to wiggle my arm and I'm like, ah, I told you I wasn't seven, but I'm really a, a 14 on a scale of one to 10 of pain. So you're ready to get surgery now.

[00:12:34] No, I need to be a 20 in order for me to take action. But you, you talked about double-clicking. Triple clicking, peeling back the onion. There's a book called spin selling. I love it. Cause they talk about the power of implication questions. So Larry, if you don't do anything, what does that look like when your son is 16 and trying out for the high school school, are you going to be able to throw with it?

[00:13:00] Come on back to back days? Hmm. That's a great question. And I already know the answer, but. I'm going to tell you. Yeah, I'm going to be able to tough it out when I, no, no. Hey Larry, how's it. They're going to make you feel when you can throw with your son and get them ready. Ooh, it's going to make me feel bad.

[00:13:19] Hey, Larry, are you ready to take action? Because I essentially got the needs payoff. When you look at spin selling the situation, the problem implication and needs payoff, the implication and the needs pay off. That's where the fire happens. Essentially, I'm going to paint the picture is kind of like dr.

[00:13:37] Jekyll and mr. OD, I'm going to be the bad cop and I'm going to turn around and I'm going to be the good cop. Because I've got a solution for you. I've got something that will, Oh, solve all your problems. Yup. Yup. Wow. Yeah. I got to check that book out. I haven't heard of that. Yeah. It's a good one. So tell me, I know you're big on, you're big on motivation, right?

[00:14:01] And this is something that I think a lot of salespeople struggle with, especially ones that have been doing it for some time. Maybe they get to that certain revenue Mark, and it's like, you know, to get to the next level. It's just, how do you, how do you motivate, you know, Salespeople and how do you help them self motivate themselves?

[00:14:20] That's the key so I can motivate antibody. And I had the privilege of today is yeah, I had the privilege earlier this week to work with two sets of experienced sales reps. And they said, ah, they, they told me, Larry don't come in with that basic elementary stuff. I said, well, It's all about the basics. So I came in and I said, Hey, I know you guys are all stars.

[00:14:42] You guys and gals are sales superstars. I've heard that y'all are goats greatest of all time. I hear that, but I don't believe it. And I've got some questions for you. Number one, the question is care. Do you care? Number one, do you care about yourself, your mind, your body and your soul. Are you taking care of yourself?

[00:15:05] Are you putting on your oxygen mask before you try to put on oxygen to your clients, your future clients also known as prospects, your colleagues, those folks that are on the call that were in marketing. If you can answer that question truly. I think that there's some room for improvement. Do you really care about what you do?

[00:15:24] The mission and the vision? Of the solution that you provide. Do you care about that person on the other side and not just care? Like, Oh yeah. I care about them. No care about them through your actions, your actions speak so loud. I can't hear what you're saying. Sales is not a four letter word, but life is, and life is tough.

[00:15:45] It's tough to be a sales professional, but also to be a professional. You've got to always look to level up. If you get to a place where you say, Hey, Larry, I'm at the top of my game. It's time for you to hang them up. If there's no room for you to improve, it's time for you to retire because Russell was look, if you follow the NBA averaged a triple double three seasons in a row.

[00:16:09] He was still working on his game during the off season. LeBron he's the King I'm down with the King. He's always looking for ways to level up his game. So sales professional, I better start acting like a. Professional. I better be working on my game and how I do that with myself and my team. I break it down into five pillars.

[00:16:32] Number one is company the mission, the vision, the goal who would win were why number two is the industry. And for us, we're in athletics industry, as well as technology we're in SAS. Number three of the product. I better know the product inside and out, and I better be able to communicate. What our product, what issues and problems are our product solves.

[00:16:55] Number four, tools and resources. That's Salesforce, sales loft. It's uh, our network. It's, uh, the internal resources who do you know. Who knows you, it's the external resources and then five is sales skills, essentially. Am I working on my questions? My distance discovery game. Am I working on my phone? I management, which a lot of folks struggle with.

[00:17:22] They, yeah, they don't run their day. Therefore their day runs you. That's a quote from Jim Roan. Either you run their day or your day will run. You. Uh, your demo is your demo engaging now there we're all virtual falling asleep during your demo. Is it interactive where the prospect gets the talk gets to or three there?

[00:17:45] So I can, I can double click. Triple click, quadruple click into all these different areas that we could all level up. Yeah, no, but I, the one thing that stands out the most, I mean, there's so much good stuff there, but the one thing that stands out the most to me, and is I think a common. Mistake of a lot of salespeople, especially ones who've been around a while is thinking they know it all, not remaining teachable, not being open minded enough to think that somebody might be able to teach them something.

[00:18:16] And sometimes those lessons might come from the person that you least expect it from. You know, in my humble and open mind and willing to learn, even that maybe I feel like I'm at the top of my game, um, or, you know, or am I the person that thinks I know it all and slowly you go from the top and start to work your way down.

[00:18:39] And then you get to the point where you're like, what you don't, you, you, you can't even believe that this is the check to receive him for commission. What happened. So true. I've got two examples. One from last night, my daughter is six, she'll be seven in a week and a half October 2nd. Uh, she much told me, I was thinking about my midweek midday, motivational men.

[00:19:00] I went live today for the first time I was looking for a topic and she said, Hey daddy, do you remember yo Gabba, Gabba? Try it. You might like it. And she said, Hey, what is that thing that you haven't dared to do that you've thought about doing, but you haven't dared to do. And I'm like, that's my baby girl.

[00:19:20] She's dropping knowledge on me. That was my topic today. The other one, I had a conversation recently with a young lady who talked about George, Brett, the great. Baseball hitter for the Kansas city Royals. And I think she said it was circa 85, 86. He was a beast, but in 85, 86, yeah. You went through a little slump and essentially they did an expos a about how he hired out of his own pockets.

[00:19:45] Three, not one, not two but three hitting coaches. And they asked George, Brett, why are you hiring hitting coaches? And he said, Hey, I need three different perspectives. I need three different viewpoints because I know so that I don't know at all. And essentially it's in the margins, it's in the little details that are going to get me back.

[00:20:09] And yes. I love baseball. I'm going to pull out the bat. It's the little origins that are going to be the difference between me having success and me being average. And he said, I don't want to be average. It's kind of like the great philosopher T I says, I don't want no mediocre. If you're going to be mediocre, you can't be on my team.

[00:20:28] I'm sorry. We can be friends, but you can't be on my team. Wow. All right. So that's such a great example. And this ties into sales professionals, right? I mean, sometimes if you're not getting this support inside your organization to up your game, then you are responsible for your own success. Go out and get it.

[00:20:51] There's so many free resources. There are so many courses there's. Books, you better be doing your part to up your game and don't blame it on the company or the leads. If you're not hitting your numbers, I love it. Collin, why are you getting so hight, man? I can feel some of men ready to run through a brick wall.

[00:21:13] Normally I'm the one getting people razzed in jazz, the run through a wall, but. I feel you, man, I feel you it's up to you. It's up to the individual to make it happen. If you sit back and wait for someone else to invest in, in your business. For me, it's Larry Long, jr. Incorporate. I run my business. I might get a paycheck from my company, but I run my business.

[00:21:37] I take control of the outcome. I take ownership of it. If I don't. I'm leaving it up to luck and I don't, I gamble not very good. I don't like to leave things off the list. I think what we're all waiting for to up our sales game is the Larry Long jr book. Oh no. You all my goodies away, Collin.

[00:22:02] Uh, yeah, I mean, Hey, we live in a world where there is so many resources now. There's a good, there's good and bad to that, right? Because you said, you know, your company, right? You, you, you know, be mindful of your company. So be mindful of where you're getting that knowledge and what resources you are taking in, you know, make sure you do your homework, do your research to make sure that it's something that's tested true.

[00:22:28] And in alignment with. You know what you believe. Cause there's a lot of different philosophies about sales and, you know, some are, you know, things that might not be in align with, you know, how you go about doing sales, so do your homework, but get out there, you know, look for the resources to really up your game.

[00:22:45] So true. So true. You got to find that fit of what's going to work for you, but you also got to get out of that comfort zone. It's easy, easy peasy. They kind of stay in that comfort zone. I'm doing it just because that's the way I've always done it. There's a saying that goes, if it ain't broke, most people will say.

[00:23:04] Don't fix it. Well, I like the saying, I got this from one of my, one of my colleagues. He's a former baseball player from Canada, a pitching coach at Campbell university. He said, Hey, one of my coaches told me if it ain't broke. Break it, I love it. Break it up, shake it up, flip it upside down. Shoo, better break it.

[00:23:26] Cause that's where you grow. And I can tell you through this pandemic, we've all been getting broken up. We've all I've been getting shaken up and there's going to be some winners kind of like what, uh, Russell wa Russell Wilson, the quarterback of Seattle says. Why not me. My question is why not? You someone's gonna win.

[00:23:48] Why not? You make it happen. Yeah. Oh, I love that. I love that. Uh, so if it ain't broke, then break it. I love that. Um, because you know, if things are changing at such a fast pace, even, I mean, things that worked last month, aren't working this month, you know, people are, you know, email is email opens or down, but you know, people are picking up the phone because they want to connect with other individuals.

[00:24:13] They're not in the office. They like talking. They want to shoot the breeze and build a relationship with you. There's so many people that are survivors that are stepping up and investing more in relationships, investing more in people than just trying to get the sale or earn the commission. And you see a lot of that.

[00:24:30] And those are the people that are going to survive, especially in times, like now people, they can smell BS a mile away. I hate to break it to your Collin, but they can tell if you're genuine or not. If you really care about other people, Martin Luther King jr. Has a quote that I love life's most urgent and most persistent question is what are you doing to help others?

[00:24:54] And essentially, if you genuinely care about helping others, it's going to show your actions. It's going to come through in your tone. It's going to come through and just your, your essence of what you do. Whereas if you're, I like to call them me monster. If you're a me monster that shines through when people don't like to be around me, monsters, because all you care about is me, me, me, me me know what's in it for the other person.

[00:25:21] If you are truly genuine, it shines through. And I just encourage everyone to really care about people. When you care about people, You're curious, you ask questions, you a work on nurturing the relationship. We all know that, uh, courtesy of Steve noodle guard, the difference between contacts and contracts, the letter R, and that R stands for.

[00:25:44] Genuine relationships. You said it earlier. It's not what you know, and it's not even who, you know, it's who knows you and who trusts you and who believes in you that makes things happen. A hundred percent and, and, and, and the difference is sometimes it's just a small stuff. You know, if you're a sales professional, you're like, how do I, how do I care more?

[00:26:10] How do I invest in relationships? You know, do things for your prospects, do things for your customers without expecting anything in return. And, and, and, and, you know, what you said is so important if you're one of those me monsters, right. And what does that look like? Well, That's the person that's sitting there on the demo, just beating on their chest, talking about how great they are and their features and their benefits and how many awards they want and why you should buy it from them.

[00:26:36] Right. But the people that actually care what shows in, it's such a small thing, it's the people that are doing less. If the talking, asking more questions and doing more listening and sometimes just the small thing of really listening. Shows how much you care, because if, if your prospect says something and you don't ask a good question, because you aren't paying attention because you were too worried about how, what you are going to say next.

[00:27:01] That they pick up on that right away. And those small things make the biggest it's differences. You're you're so true. I mean, you hit that right on the head right there. Colin, the little things mean so much, whether it's a handwritten. Thank you note. And today, I mean, I'm going to show you, I, uh, Oh, let me see, where are they?

[00:27:23] I've got them somewhere. Here they go. I knew I had it. Yeah. I practice what I preach. These are thank you notes. And in the spirit of keeping my droplets to myself, I wrote them. And then I took a picture and I either emailed it. I texted it. I sent it on Facebook messenger. Letting people know that I'm not going to just tell you.

[00:27:43] Thank you. But I'm going to write it, take the time and specifically let you know what I'm thankful for. Those little things mean so much. It's in the details. Yeah. And so now you're going to sanitize it, put a pair of gloves in there and mail it out. Right.

[00:28:03] I'm going to keep being creative. My goal right now. And don't tell nobody else. I know you got listeners out there. My GoTo is LinkedIn mobile on the LinkedIn mobile. You can click the plus sign on the left side of the chat box and you can send gifts or jifs, I don't know how you pronounce it, but I engaged with Jerome Bettis, who, if there's any Pittsburgh Steeler fans out there, the bus, uh, I engage with Bo Jackson, who was my childhood hero.

[00:28:33] Bo knows when I can say Bono's Larry and I sent him a gift. Of him playing with the Royals when he slid in and then he hopped up off of his back and he responded back. I'm fostering that relationship. I'm not asking him for anything. I'm sure he gets asked every day for something. I just asked him, how can I help you both?

[00:28:57] What can Larry, Larry knows a thing or two, and Mary can help. I just threw it out there. So it's being creative. It's being genuine, being authentic. I'm not saying you gotta be like me because not many people can be like me. You don't want to be like me. How many people carry around them? Yeah, not many people are carrying around a hot pink Louisville.

[00:29:18] Slugger. Yeah. Yeah. You got to think outside the box and you know, the things that are super effective are the things that you can't scale. There are so many things that we automate this these days, and I'm not saying that those things are wrong or that we shouldn't do those. Those are one channel. Right.

[00:29:38] But the hot list, the dream list, the like, You know, Holy grail of clients that you want invest the time, you know, uh, I have a good friend. Um, who's one of the top, you know, uh, enterprise sales executives at, at sales yep. In cognac. And, you know, he says, Do more with less people. And that's the key to his success, do more with less people.

[00:30:04] So he spends lots of time resource researching. He spends lots of time, really thoughtful ways of outreaching and engaging and interacting with the people. He doesn't have a huge list of clients. But he's the top sales rep at one of the biggest SAS companies that we all know of. So it works. That's so true.

[00:30:27] You couldn't have said it any better. All right. I think, you know, we don't want to overwhelm people with, uh, with sales fire today, so let's wrap it up. But before we let folks go, I want to thank you for coming on today. Appreciate you. Thanks for showing up and bringing your best self, what you always do.

[00:30:48] And more importantly, where can people connect with L L J. And what do you have for folks today? Yeah. So in addition to the fire, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn, Larry Long. Jr. You'll see, I've got the smile for a mile. Uh, you'll see my mug on there. You know, it's me. When you look at the picture, you'll be like, yup.

[00:31:10] I can hear that voice right there and see that smile. Uh, what I want to all for your listeners is really. Uh, the best gift that I can provide, and that's my time, my time, my energy. So I'm going to extend an offer to our connect with me for a 30 minute 30 minute introductory call consulting, call, whatever I can do to help you to serve you, to provide you with insights that will help propel you to get to where you want to get to highlight your boy I'm wide open and ready to help.

[00:31:45] Wow. That's fantastic. We will drop that link in, in the show notes and Larry Long jr. Is opening up his calendar for you, expecting nothing in return, but just a genuine, um, you know, want to help others. So appreciate that. Thank you so much, Larry, for coming on the show today. Thank you, Colin. I holler at you on the flip side, poof.

[00:32:11] Thank you for tuning in to this episode of sales hustle. Are you a sales professional looking to take your sales career to the next level? If the answer is yes, then I want you to go over to sales Okay. Check us out. And if you feel that you are ready, set up a time to talk with me and my co founder, Chris, I'm your host, Colin Mitchell.

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