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July 14, 2021

Episode #119 Get Into Alignment, Speak With Confidence And Live A Life Of Passion And Purpose with JB The Wizard

Collin Mitchell welcomes JB The Wizard in this episode of the Sales Hustle Podcast. Let’s hear from JB as he shares the story behind “The Wizard” and how alignment and self-mastery are the secret power to all of your sales and not burning out.

JB The Wizard is the CEO and Founder of Futuring™ With The Wizard, which believes that alignment is the key to mental overwhelm, anxiety, stress, making more money with less effort, enjoying your family, and feeling like you have a purpose because you’ve truly found it. 

As a Public Speaking Coach specializing in alignment, he helps entrepreneurs, actors, and influencers turn their ideas into money and help them have more impact with communication, online and offline presentation, and strategic implementation. 

JB is also the Host and Walker at Brainwalk Startup, a mastermind community built around a concept with three guidelines: walk where you’d usually drive; don’t worry about if you'll arrive; make certain you have an open mind. He is also a professional actor and a film director.   

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Episode 119 - JB The Wizard

Welcome to the sales hustle. The only no BS podcast, where we bring you the real raw uncut experiences from sales makers across various industries. The only place where you can get what you're looking for. Uh, your sales game today's episode is brought to you by sales cast sales cast helps sales professionals transform the relationship building process and win their dream clients.

[00:00:30] I'm your host, Colin. What is happening? Sales hustlers. Welcome to another episode. I am very excited for today's guest. I've got JB, the wizard. Uh, I had the pleasure of meeting JB on LinkedIn recently, and we hopped on a call, got to know each other a bit. And I was like, man, we got to have you on sales hustle.

[00:00:50] So here we are making it happen. Um, JB. The wizard he, you will, once we start, once we dig in, you will understand why they call him the wizard. Uh, I'm sure, uh, about that. So JB, just, you know, before we jump in and give people a little bit, uh, you know, a story about yourself, keep it short so we can get into the good stuff.

[00:01:10] Cause today we agreed to talk about alignment and self-mastery for sales. Yes. Yes. All right. So real short story. Then my degree is pre-medical exercise physiology. I went on into being in somehow or some Hollywood films, worked with Cuba, Gooding Jr. And Alfre, Woodard, and Harris. And then I did theater, musical theater, Shakespeare.

[00:01:29] I taught at a university when they, when they flew me in to do that, we, um, The commercials, international commercials, voiceovers for cartoon network perform got cast in opera and, you know, um, and then, uh, took all of that started directing and producing. And Steve made some films for fortune 500 companies worked through CEOs and, um, that type of executor.

[00:01:50] And then after all of that, I was like, you know, the same thing that I do when I direct actors and people is really to help them be authentic and comfortable in front of the camera. Let me do this for some CEOs, executives and some leaders, because the number one fear I think, you know, is, um, public speaking.

[00:02:04] So I was like, man, I've got a lot of experience there and that transitioned over into. Alignment and into peoples that are working with me. Cause there's a, just looked happy. So

[00:02:20] pretty. I do smile all the time and if people knew what I know, right. That you have six kids. What do you mean? You're happy, man.

[00:02:29] You know what it's like, man, that's part of it. That's part of the source of so much joy. Listen to everything I'm wearing right here. It's made it, you know what I mean? So it's like they're with me all the time. Yeah. That's awesome. All right. So not your typical path to working with salespeople, but a very unique background and experiences.

[00:02:49] Um, and you, you know, and something you said to me is like, man, I just love. Working with salespeople and tell me why. Yeah, because listen through the journey. Okay. I've been an entrepreneur my entire life. You understand? So anything that I have, whatever I drink has come, but my selling okay. And literally my entire life.

[00:03:11] Okay. And everything is from my ability to sell. All right. And so what happened with that? That means my ability to speak. And so that's why. Working with people with public speaking, I realized, wait a second, everything is just selling. This is all selling stuff. They're working with VCs. Right. And all of these executives.

[00:03:27] And I was really just helping them to what sell themselves, sell their product, sell because a lot of people would lean on their product, which is not enough. Right. They have to trust and believe you. So then I found myself. There's some horrible situations you might get into that, you know? Um, and I had to, we, we might get into that.

[00:03:46] Right. But I was speaking, I had the cell again with my mouth and I realized all I'm doing my in all I've been doing my entire life is mastered the ability to sell. And how did I do that? And how did I do that with what people constantly noticed with me without I don't get burned out. I don't, you know, I am happy.

[00:04:04] How does that happen? When I have had borderline houseless, low. Okay. And then some gigantic highs, you know, acting in prison, break on Fox and all of that stuff. You know, Disney auditions and Steven Spielberg stuff. How do you, that's a big range. It's not like anybody gave me anything. Right. But what was stable the entire time was me.

[00:04:23] Right. And that's that stuff, mastery thing. It's like, that is the secret power to all of your sales and not burning out. Yeah. And, and you know, anybody who's been in sales for awhile will tell you, you know, there's lots of highs and lots of lows, and most people that don't stick around, you know, burn out, you know, go into another career path, you know, fizzle out whatever you want to call it or realize like shit sales is not for me.

[00:04:55] Um, have a hard time. You know, uh, really staying neutral or really, you know, uh, keeping their level of confidence and not tying their self-worth to whether they hit quota or not. . Exactly. And how about even, you know, transition to the sales people, besides me realize that. All I was doing was selling is that they started to my top clients that I ended up finding out they were always salespeople.

[00:05:26] And the thing I love about salespeople is they're constantly trying to improve the real ones, not somebody who tolerate sales, the people who get the salespeople are the best people on the planet. You know what I mean? The people who understand that, you know, the thing is that they were reaching out right.

[00:05:42] I want to improve. I need this self-mastery because I'm dealing with anxiety, depression, uh, the burnout, stuff like that. But the sales people, they're always looking for an edge. You know, I'm doing everything right. I'm handling objections correctly, right. I'm far fortunate in the follow up, you know what I mean?

[00:05:57] I'm doing all of these things. We've got all of these touches, seven points of touches, but you know, they're able to, they're still saying, okay, I'm doing everything right. Why am I not quite where I want to be? Hmm. Why is Johnny over there? Who sucks? Closing more than me, right? That's a big, or why, why, why is this guy, um, you know, making more money or doing better than I am, but I may be hustling.

[00:06:21] Right. So those types of people, they ended up being salespeople and ended up coming to me like that. And then we just fell in love. Cause I was like, wait a second. These are my people, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. So, and you know, I think there's a big difference between average sellers in elite sellers, right?

[00:06:42] Clear. Uh, uh, you know, other than the fact that maybe they have a bigger bank account, right. Um, elite sellers, you know, top performers, you know, understand, you know, to get better in their professional role, whatever that is. Doesn't really have anything to do with getting better at running discovery calls or booking more appointments or reaching the C-suite or closing more negotiating better.

[00:07:09] Like those are all necessary skills, but those aren't what it going to take you to the next level. That's exactly right. It's like, you better be able to do all that. Well, yeah, that's an expectation, right? Like that's in a certain level, that's an expectation. Right. And if we want to level up, we've got to take a look at other things too.

[00:07:31] Yeah. And people think like, oh, hustling, more grind, more putting more hours in are going to get you there now. Sorry that ain't true. I know from my own personal experience that once I started investing more into myself personally, then I became more successful professionally. Jeez. That's true, man. That's beautiful.

[00:07:52] That's beautiful. That's definitely what they find, but you know, they hear somebody to be able to articulate. They're clearly in this space. That's a big deal. So tell me a little bit, like, you know, when you were working with sales folks, which, which you often do and you love doing, uh, you made that real clear, um, you know, what type of stuff, what, what things are they struggling with and then what are some breakthroughs that they can experience?

[00:08:14] And let's just give you the sales house. That are listening, like maybe some tactical things that they might not be aware of, that they might be feeling and some things that they can do to improve, you know, in those areas. Sure, sure. So we're looking at self-mastery stuff, right. So why is that important?

[00:08:31] So if you can imagine punching, okay. Well, if you could imagine watching or chopping down a tree, you can, all, you could, you can increase the strength of your triceps or even your chest to a certain degree. But what we want to get is an efficient punch. We also want to understand where exactly to strike, to have the most impact possible.

[00:08:47] Okay. So this is around hustling. If you think once you get in the mindset of hustling or doing more, you already get exhausted before the game starts. So you've already lost. Right. So we want to view this as efficiency. We want to be this with efficiency and part of getting efficient is the alignment and alignment.

[00:09:06] The way I was saying earlier is imagine it like your spine, your spinal column on your spinal cord. If your spinal cord is out of alignment, right? It can pinch certain nerves. This is physiology talking, but it applies the same for, for the way we think if it pinches nerves, you got your fingertips that started getting up.

[00:09:23] Uh, what is it called? Like numb, you know, I mean, like you'd like be falling asleep, you get, uh, other kinds of pains, your hips adjusting your shoulders, adjusting, everything goes off. This is what happens when the life is not in alignment. So when we're looking at this, w what I want you to do, this is a tactical thing.

[00:09:38] It seems maybe mental and thinky, but this is very tactical, which would consider what it is that you. What is it that you're selling? You know, that seems basically the very important one, you know, do you believe in it? Do you support it? How long do you connect with it on, on a, um, on a life level, right?

[00:09:55] Because once you get hit the numbers that you hit, what will happen, what this is going to save you from is you're not really going to feel different because you are you wherever you go, you are. Okay. So that's the same thing for your bank account. So what we want to do. Um, prevent that pain from happening.

[00:10:15] And that's why I'm telling you this now. So consider what it is you're selling, how you're selling it is a sustainable and scalable. Do you believe in it? Okay. How is that fitting in with your personal life? You know, your family, your children, um, and this goes into something I teach called circadian schedule, which means.

[00:10:33] Basically your day. Uh, and this is going to be a little bit tactical to think about as well, but consider that you are a unique individual. What this means is as a person, we're not all the same. We're, we're one race, we're all humans, but we're still not all the same in that some people might wake up at five and feel great.

[00:10:51] Some people might. So do not buy into this idea of 5:00 AM school group. I hate that stuff, but you know what I mean, hate that stuff. 6:00 AM beat clock cared about who cares? Who cares? What you beat you're you're in a battle with yourself. Okay. In the heart, you know, the hard part with this is like, yeah.

[00:11:12] Where you're working, what you're selling and the culture. Yeah. You know, may not be the best fit for you. Right. If they don't allow you to have the autonomy to, to do what's best for you to perform at your highest level, then that might not be the right place. Right. I am a 4:30 AM, wake up, dude, but that is not, that is not, that is not a good fit for everybody.

[00:11:35] Some people, you know, they, they crank it out late at night and get a lot done and that's, that's their jam, you know what I mean? And, and, and, and you know, now in the, in, in the current environment where people can work from home and, you know, companies are starting to be more flexible, like, Hey, you know, we don't really care what or how, or when you do the things, as long as you know, you're getting ready, We're going to let you do your thing, right?

[00:11:59] So I think if, if, if that's your style or that's what works for you, you gotta make sure that. Who you're working for, what, what you're selling is in alignment with it. Yeah. That's exactly right. So everything, everything come and said right there, you know, that that's an alignment. The culture is in alignment, your feelings towards it is how was it?

[00:12:19] How was your day spent? This is some of the stuff you were taking care of yourself. But one of the other tactical things to think about is the activities that you're doing on or off of work. We want them to plug into what I call the atomic core, which I talk about this stuff in the book, but this isn't to your tummy core, which simply means that your activities have, let's say a purpose and an intent.

[00:12:41] I skateboard every day. Right? So this is, um, futuring skate park, right. So I skate now, if I'm skating on my skate before a call, but it's for a purpose, right. It does connect me to, um, where I feel positive, happy, that sort of thing. Right. So that's really a form of meditation. I'm not into it. I'm not against yoga, but I'm not, I'm not the yoga guy and I'm not the a frigging closure as a meditate.

[00:13:06] I'm not into that. There's all kinds of ways of meditating meditation that activates certain aspects of your brain that salespeople tend to benefit from more often in, in a morphine when there's a reason for that. So the point is that we're paying attention to alignment. The activities that you're doing afterwards are they let's say filling your cup back.

[00:13:23] Right. We want to fill that cup back up. All right. So these, these are some things I want you to think about when you leave the workplace on your way to the workplace. Um, the culture is like Colin was saying, uh, how you feel about what you're doing. Is it, this is big. Is it bringing you closer to your goal?

[00:13:42] Because you have a goal in your mind, not just, there's a financial goal, there's a way you want to live. There's something that you see that, you know, you are, you know, you're this person. Okay. Well, we simply want to make sure it's all of your activities are bringing you closer to that. Right. So that's, some people don't even know what that is.

[00:14:00] Right. That's the first figuring out what that is like, you know, what, what things matter to me and where am I trying to go? Right. And then, and then everything that you need, that everything that you're doing should be leading you towards that. And if it's not, then you know, you need to reassess some things is, is what I'm hearing.

[00:14:18] But one thing that I love that you said was, you know, finding out what fills you back up. Right. Cause I think a lot of people are quick to get on board on the new, the new trend or the new, what everybody else is doing thing. And it may be, you know, doesn't feel right or feels four star feels like work.

[00:14:37] Right. And like you say for you, it's skateboarding, you know, for me sometimes before I hop on a call, it's like, I'll just crank out 25, 30 pushups and I feel energized and then I'm ready to go. You know, that works for me. Um, and you know, I used to, you know, uh, I've been meditating. Geez. I don't know, 12 years now.

[00:14:57] Um, but it's changed, right? I used to think, you know, that I needed to be super Zen and sit for a long time. Right. People were talking about sitting for 30, 40, 60 minutes. And, you know, I was chasing that like, Hey, I got to do that. And I realized. That doesn't work for me. What works for me is maybe sitting for five minutes in the morning or 10 minutes.

[00:15:18] And then throughout the day I might meditate for one minute or two minute or three minutes or five minutes or 10 minutes, you know, and just being super flexible with what feels right and what I need in the time. And some days, maybe five or 10 minutes in the morning might be all that I need. And then other days.

[00:15:33] You know, I might, you know, there might be three or four times throughout the day they come up that I need a minute or two, you know, to, to just, you know, bring it back to the breath. So, um, what I hear, you know, I love what you said, which is find what is right for you to fill your cup back up. Right. Um, and if you want to be a top performer sales, hustlers, like these things are so important, these are, what's going to take you to the next level.

[00:15:57] You know, getting better at negotiating are sitting in the next paid training from, you know, corporate training, like literally investing in yourself personally, you will be much more efficient in your professional. That's exactly right. You know, and one thing that's challenging, like you mentioned there about people may not sometimes know, um, you know, who, who they are, what interests them.

[00:16:22] One of the major things that I share that I believe this is going to help. Some people is not a tactical thing to work on here is that you have all the answers you already know. Period. And I want you to swallow that when anybody listening to this, to hear that and take that in. Um, yeah, that's powerful, man, because so many people are looking for other people to give them the answers.

[00:16:45] Right. And like, you know, nobody had, nobody knows what's true for you except for you, but you got to get in alignment, get clear, get more self-aware to be able to tap into those answers. That's exactly right. And so when one of the things that you may be able to take action on today as well, is that when you are just consider this right now, that when you are looking for yourself to become yourself, there are only you think about people.

[00:17:16] Uh, Y children, parents, grandparents, culture, state, country, job teachers, students. It doesn't matter any of those people. When you think about them and consider the choices and decisions you are making or have made. In an attempt to please those people or to fit into their ideals and outlined for your life.

[00:17:40] Okay. At that spot, when you can identify some of that, we're going to find out exactly who you really are. And that is who we want to find. That's where your money is when you get to that spot. That spot is what's going to enable you to close sales, to have confidence, to think fast. Yeah. To handle, whatever you're doing, all of this is in alignment.

[00:18:03] You become an invincible force and you can't even potentially be connected to your number, number quota, because you know who you are. And once you release all of that, now you can function with efficiency and power.

[00:18:19] Sales hustlers. You might want to just hit pause and rewind for a second. Listen to that one more time. Maybe for people, for people that, you know, uh, you know, sometimes people need to hear something multiple times before they learn it or in different ways. So do you want to break that down one more time for people just if they missed it?

[00:18:41] Yeah. Sure. Sure. So from, from considering where you may have made that choice, Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So, so right now this almost seems like a guided meditation type thing by here we go right now. I need to pull over. If you're driving, you might need to pull over for us, you know, close those. If you're a dry, like full disclosure, if you're driving stopped your vehicle, we're not responsible if you crash.

[00:19:08] That's right. That's right. All right. So, so go, go here and don't want you to walk back, walk back in your mind, walk back in your life, consider where you're living right now. What you're driving, what you think, who you're trying to impress and begin to ask yourself why. That we were, we have to go further, right?

[00:19:27] So why are we impressing those people? Let's go further. Who is it that we made these decisions for? Okay. Now this can be again, maybe a teacher said something, student, friend, parent, mother, grandparent, father, lack of a parent father, some, some traumatic event that has happened. Deal with that a lot. Okay.

[00:19:43] Doesn't matter. We have to figure it out. At what point did that happen? And at that point we want to be, we're going to be able to see exactly who you are. At that moment, that's who we're going to bring. That's how, who we're going to bring into your right. Yeah. Only bring the real you into your right now, we begin to feel a sense of relief and calm.

[00:20:04] Now there's another thing called flexing, your bravery muscle. Okay. The bravery muscle is taking action with who you really are. Okay. So once we see who you are, where you may have made a choice, decision, thought pattern or belief where you have to earn a certain amount of money, have a certain kind of vehicle live in a certain place, hang with these types of things.

[00:20:25] Where a certain kind of closing, closing I'm German. And I can't say to teach so well, but where, where that type of clothes. We want to take a look at that and realize, wait a second, here is who I am. That's who I am. Then it takes some bravery muscle to live that out. But when we see who you are now, you enter any, and every sales conversation, the new level of confidence that it's impossible to crush.

[00:20:50] This is the way you grow close, multi six figures, seven figure deals right here, even five figure deals. One figure doesn't matter. This is how you do it because you. Unbreakable. And there's no way that you can tie yourself worth into your quota because the quota is irrelevant. You understand who you are.

[00:21:07] And once you release all of the things that no longer matter, and you're simply yourself, now, you walk in power and invincibility, and that is attractive and sexy to anybody else. And that is who people want to connect to when you're closing your eyes. Boom. They, I mean, I feel like we should just end it right now.

[00:21:26] Like what else is there to say? Um, no, I mean, that, that is some powerful shit right there because I mean, mindset and confidence are the two most essential things to being successful in sales and. You know, just to kind of break down and peel back a little bit of what you're saying. There is like, so many people are chasing something that somebody imposed upon them or overcompensating for something that they didn't have.

[00:21:55] And some might say, Hey, like, that's my superpower. That's what drives me. Right. Um, but it's, it's, it's that's when you get into that really. Common place for so many salespeople have that imposter syndrome that everybody talks about. Right. Um, and when you're super comfortable with who you are and where you want to go, and it's, it's something that you decided and somebody else didn't impose upon you, there's that level of confidence and drive.

[00:22:22] That's just going to push you forward. Know, the, the way that I liken it to is like this, I call it the atomic core. There's a lot of words that we created here, but the atomic core, that's the thing that fuels and fires you up. And I call it that because the submarine is powered by atomic and nuclear of spinning.

[00:22:38] So it doesn't have to come back inland to chalk to charge. Yeah. It doesn't have to have gasoline to keep it. Yeah. It continues to go for months at a time. How, because as a nuclear reactor, so do you, so if you are driven by bees things, whatever that might be exactly what Colin just said. If you're driven by those things, then you are feeling you're you're, you're running off of, uh, gas.

[00:22:59] Okay. You could be running off of something way more pure. So an example is if we had it get, feel diesel and gasoline pure, it is, but it's going to take you further. So I drive a lecture, right? That's really pure, very fast. You know, number of years ago, my motorcycle, I was like kind of a lot of years ago, but I went to the gas station and my motorcycle and then I filled it up.

[00:23:26] Boom, boom, boom. And then they go. What I just filled the tank, what? Right. Turn that I was at the fricking diesel pump. You know,

[00:23:37] I had the, you know, unplugged stuff and drained the diesel gasoline. They took a proper club and then a fire it up. It was good to go. So here's the thing. If you're driven by this thing, that's what drives me. That's diesel buddy. That is diesel in a gasoline tank. You are not gonna run. You're gonna experience burnout, stress, anxiety, depression, sadness is going to be very inefficient.

[00:23:58] What we want to do is plug into your atomic core and as a motorcycle that runs off a gasoline, that is the appropriate fuel is going to help you continue to go without giving up. That's the secret. Was this guy going so long, so strong without giving up without getting burnt out, he's tapped into his atomic core.

[00:24:15] And you could only access that when you are in alignment and then you got to know how to flex the bravery muscle. Yeah. So figuring out what you figuring out, what you run. Yeah. Love is the first thing, right? Maybe, maybe you run off electricity light like me and JB here. Uh, or maybe, maybe diesel is your thing.

[00:24:35] Maybe diesel is your thing, but figuring out what, what is. Uh, and what's true for you and you're in alignment, right? And then it's going to push you forward. So are you running off the wrong fumes here or what is the, is the first thing? So man, J B thanks so much for coming on today. We could talk all day, but, um, you know, I think we're going to have to cut it here because it feels like an appropriate place.

[00:25:00] Uh, I think there's, you just dropped tons of fire here for sales hustlers, and gave them some things to consider any final thoughts, anything you want to let them know, where can they learn? All that good stuff. Yeah. Jamie, the wizard is my name. So JV, the wizard on LinkedIn, Jamie, the wizard on Facebook, JV, the wizard on Instagram, Jamie, the wizard everywhere, uh, connect with the is a good site.

[00:25:21] That'll let you know where to reach some other things. And then, um, there's ordinary conversations with the wizard. That's a podcast that we put out every now and again, and us just ordinary conversation that we're talking about. Birds and yeah. So I might be talking to some lady that deals with these coming up soon, but those are all the places to find me, connect me.

[00:25:39] Uh, all of our stuff is on, on telegram as well. So if you end up talking to somebody from my team, you're going to find that some telegram, but every place is JB. The wizard is, is the way and thing to leave you with is like we said earlier, but something that might go deep as that, you already have all the answers.

[00:25:55] Hmm. Yeah. Awesome. And I don't think there's too many JB, the wizards out there, so you shouldn't have a problem finding him. Um, but we'll drop the links there in the show notes for you sales hustlers. And if you enjoyed today's episode, please, please, please share the show with your friends ride story view, and as always we're listening for your feedback.

[00:26:14] Thank you for tuning in to this episode of sales hustle. Are you a sales profession? Looking to take your sales career to the next level. If the answer is yes, then I want you to go over to sales,, check us out. And if you feel that you are ready, set up a time to talk with me and my co-founder Chris, I'm your host, Colin Mitchell.

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