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Aug. 24, 2021

Never Stop Learning In Sales

Never Stop Learning In Sales

But Why, I know it all...

I have been in sales now since 2010 and I have seen my fair share of tenured reps think they have reached a certain status or level of knowledge where they give up on learning. It's easy to stop putting in the effort once you have reached a certain income status or level of contentment. This is the fastest way to go broke or out of business. This is the type of model that will make you vulnerable to become inadequate or irrelevant. 

Make Learning Fun 

If you can find a way to enjoy learning new things it will become a much more sustainable activity.  Most people in sales love a challenge and if you can bring that attitude into learning it will serve you well.  Challenge yourself to learn and test new things on a regular basis. These can be things in both your personal and professional life. I am a big believer that investing in yourself personally is the best thing you can do to advance professionally. It's important to go into each new thing with an open mind and proper expectations. When you try new things they may or may not work but as long as learn something in the process it's a win.

Where To Get New Ideas 

There are plenty of free resources and an abundance of paid resources. Let's start with the free ones first.  There are plenty of people to follow on social medial that give away their best ideas on a consistent regular basis. Here are Some of my favorite people to follow on LinkedIn Jake Dunlap , Andy PaulLarry Levine, and Scott Leese .  There are plenty of others I could mention but the key is to find people that resonate with you and put out content that you find value in. The next best place to get free content to feed the need to always be learning is Podcasts. Their many great ones but ones that I like to keep in my feed are Revenue Harvest, Sales Secrets, Sales Enablement, and of course Sales Transformation .

Here is a Crazy Idea 

One of the best ways to learn is to actually start your own podcast. I have personally interviewed over two hundred and fifty people and got the opportunity to ask them any question I want. My co-founder Chris Decker dedicate a whole season of his podcast to interviewing successful full podcasters. After interviewing over 50 podcasters a majority of them all said that their favorite thing about being a podcast host is the amount of free education they get from their guests. 

Final Thoughts....

Never stop learning in sales. There is an opportunity to get 1% better all around you just have to be open-minded and look for it. I have learned some of the best things from people who have just gotten started in sales. There is no such thing as "I know it all" and the minute you stop looking for a way to improve you are headed for trouble and it might not be a sudden shift but it might be a slow and steady decline in your income and your level of success.