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Sept. 2, 2021

How to Book Three to five Meeting Per Day on LinkedIn

How to Book Three to five Meeting Per Day  on LinkedIn

What, 3-5 per day? 

Yep, that's right. I booked three to five meetings daily on Linkedin. I ran an experiment right after Vidyard released its integration with Linkedin. I wanted to see how many meetings I could book using video and staying within the new connection request limitation of roughly one hundred invites per week. I also wanted to debunk the myth of "Never send video on the first touch". I will break down step by step what happened during my eight-week test and give some actionable tips on how to replicate this for yourself.

Build Your Target List

It all starts with the list which I built in Sales Navgbigator of course. You should have a pretty good idea of who your ideal customer profile is. Add a few extra filters to narrow the list down. Two filters that I like to use are if they posted on LinkedIn in the last thirty days and or they have changed jobs in the last 90 days. People that post more frequently are going to be more responsive and people, that have changed jobs are likely looking for new fresh ideas to bring to their team. 

Personalized Message or Not? 

I went ahead and tested this both ways. I ran a four-week period of not sending a personalized message in the connections request. Then for the next four weeks, I sent a connection request with a personalized message in the connection request. I was very curious to see the data myself as there are many varying opinions about what approach is right. I believe the right answer is whatever option works best for you in your role. There are way too many factors for someone to say that their experience will work best for you. 

The Results 

Without a message  55% Acceptance  32% Meeting Booking Rate 
With a message  65% Acceptance 18% Meeting Booking Rate


Let's Break It Down

So what you can see is that when I sent a connection request with a message ten present more new connections however I got 14% fewer meetings booked. What I learned here is that when the first message from you is a video over the text you are likely to book much more meetings. When I sent an invite with. text followed but by a video, it was not nearly as effective with the goal of booking a meeting. I would suggest you run your own experiment and see what works best with your target prospect and industry as it might vary from what works for me. 


How to Structure Your Videos

I have tested many different approaches with video and talked with many successful sellers that use video for prospecting. Few tips to help you maximize your video prospecting efforts are to make sure you make good eye contact with the camera, smile and look approachable, try to keep them within thirty seconds. I personally like to offer up something of value and that we can discuss but state my "No Sales Pitch Guarantee. They ket is to connect with people and have a conversation to pitch slap them. 

Final Thoughts

This was an eight-week experiment across 1600 connection requests and I feel I now have a good idea of what works for the people I want to build new relationships with on LinkedIn . I suggest you run your own experiment and see what works best for you. The key is to test different approaches, have fun, and be open to testing new things. Join our Community and come share your results.