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5 LinkedIn Tips For Sellers In 2022

5 LinkedIn Tips For Sellers In 2022

Use LinkedIn To  Level Up in 2022

If you are in sales there is a pretty good chance you have some experience using Linkedin in your role. The platform is constantly changing and rolling out new features so it can be hard to know what is working and what's ahead. Over the years social media has become more and more important for B2B sellers. What platforms you use may differ but I put about 80% social effort into using Linkedin therefore I'm not al qualified to dive into how to use Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok. Just lurking on the platform, connecting and pitching, BS automation, and posting Non-original content no longer works. I want to give you five things to consider in hopes that it will help you learn something new or improve how you are using Linkedin in your sales role. 


Do I need to post orginal content? 

If you want to be an elite seller in 2022 you need to be thinking about a content strategy on Linkedin if you haven't already. Just being on Linkedin with a "connect and pitch" approach will not work and will hurt you way more than it will help. If you are using LinkedIn in your outreach a content strategy will improve your results in building Relyour customer and prospects 



I want to give you five simple things to either get started or improve upon what you have already been doing on LinkedIn.