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Sept. 16, 2021

3 Ways to Drive Sales with Podcasting

3 Ways to Drive Sales with Podcasting

Did you Say Podcasting to Drive Sales? 

Yep, that is right you can leverage podcasting in many ways to derive sales. We are going to dig into five nontraditional ways to drive sales via podcasting that doesn't require having a top one hundred podcast with sponsors. Not that there is anything wrong with having a top one hundred podcast but that does take a lot of hard work, time, and dedication.  This is the very reason why there are so many podcasts in what I like to call the podcast graveyard, the ones that never make it to ten episodes.

Podcast Guesting 

This one is pretty straightforward and is what it seems but with so many podcasts out there and can be difficult to know where to start. In an effort to not overwhelm you and give you some tactical tips to get started a will only mention a few of the many ways to started on your very own podcast tour.  You can build yourself a profile on sites like PodBooker, Guestio, These are all good places to get started. Keep in mind the show that requests you as a guest will most likely be newer shows and many of them will not be around in six months to a year but it's a good place to start.  You can find higher-quality shows with a bigger reach on Listen Notes and PodChaser. Build yourself a target list of shows and use something like  to collect phone numbers and emails.  Once you have this list you can start to reach out to the host via email and DM's. Keep the messaging short and use a tool like Vidyard to send custom videos to pitch yourself as a guest.  Keep the video story and mention what value you can bring to the listeners, not that you have professional equipment and have left a review for the show. 

Land More Clients 

This is by far my personal favorite way of leveraging podcasting for many reasons. It's the most direct way to land more clients but you also need to execute properly or it can backfire.  This is what we like to call the Salescast Method. It requires yous to start your own show and building many new relationships based and value and trust. You can sell more without selling. The idea is to create a show around highlighting your ideal clients as guests. The key is to deliver a great experience before, during, and after the interview.  You can hire a firm like us to build out the show or strategy or you can keep it simple and get a free podcast host, record on zoom or Streamyard and post the episodes. There is too much in the Salescast Method to cover here but the key ingredient is targeting the right people, being an awesome host, and finding ways to add value after the interview, Many of these past guests will become clients, referral sources, or in some cases both. We have managed to land over sixty clients in less than one year using our very own salescast method.


Get Personal with Your Prospects

If you are in any sales role and prospecting in part of your job you know how much harder it can be to stand out and get the attention of the people you are reaching out to. One way that you can stand out and get a deeper level of personalization is to find podcast your prospects have appeared on. Go give those episodes a listen and take notes. People tend to share a lot of themselves on podcasts. You will learn things about them that you would most likely not be able to learn anywhere else. A great resource to find out what podcast your prospects have been on is Listen Notes.  You can use what you learn on these episodes to stand out and catch the attention ins way they are not used to seeing.


Final Thoughts

There are many ways to drive revenue using the podcast platform. Give each of these a try and see what option works best for what you do. You might even come up with some fresh ideas of your own. The key is to just get started even if it with just on the options laid out above. You will find what works best for you by getting starting, learning along with the ways, and improving your approach and process.