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April 1, 2022

#277 S2 Episode 146 - Always Be Serving Internally & Externally with Donald Kelly

Today on Sales Transformation, Collin is super pumped as he welcomes another amazing guest, no other than the Chief Sales Evangelist himself, Donald Kelly. Donald is the author of “Sell It Like A Mango” and the founder of The Sales Evangelist, whose mission is to evangelize the method of effective selling and motivate sellers of all levels to do big things.

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  •  Donald’s Sales Story
  • The transition to podcasting
  • The Birth of The Sales Evangelist
  • Ins and Outs of Effective Selling
  • Donald Kelly’s “Sell It Like A Mango”


Donald: “The issue that many of those people are facing right now is swimming upstream going for larger accounts. A lot of people who started off with us have grown and got into different positions or got into different roles, and now they're enterprise sellers.”

Donald: “I think sometimes people just want to put everything in sales, loft or outreach, and just like, you know, just put the same thing over and over, you tweak your message according to the role. But you gotta make sure you do stuff.”

Collin: “You have to be personalized, like you have to be creative. You have to stand out in a big way.”

Donald: “Sellers like you need to keep showing up. What are you gonna do to make sure you're following up, and you're doing, you're being present and, staying with the right mindset so you can be successful. So many principles from people selling mangoes on the street to somebody selling complex software to an enterprise organization.”

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[00:00:00] In the world of sales, you either sink or swim or breakthrough to the next level. My name's Colin Mitchell. And this is sales transformation, a new kind of sales show designed to bring you through the epic life-changing moments of elite sellers. So you can experience your own sales transformation.

[00:00:29] Hey, before we start today's episode, I wanted to bring you in on the best kept secret in B2B sales. If you're serious about social selling and your only strategy is cold, the M's through LinkedIn. You're missing the mark big time. Learn how I fully manage revenue generating podcast can change your life and your

[00:00:55] All right. Welcome to another episode of sales transformation. I am super fired up for to ha to have a special guest today. I've got Donald Kelly. Uh, he is a podcast host, a author of sell it like a manga. Donald's mission is to evangelize the method of effective selling and motivate sellers of all levels to do big things.

[00:01:18] Donald, welcome to the show, man. How you doing? Oh, I'm so stoked to be here, man. Thank you so much for having me. Um, and uh, let me come into your ecosystem to share some insights today. Yeah, man, I had a fun time on your show, so appreciate you having me on. And I'm super curious to dig into some of these topics that we planned out like 30 seconds ago.

[00:01:39] Um, now the sales, our listeners know that that's how we do it, man. We get on here and we just have awesome conversations. And I know that you're going to bring a ton of fire. So, but before we kick it off, just, you know, so people can trust what you're saying here. Give us a little bit of backstory. What's your sales story?

[00:01:56] Yeah, I started off as a kid in Jamaica, every everyone, you know, if anyone been to Jamaica, you've seen people selling. Um, and I didn't know. Sales. It was just like being a business man. And ever since I was a kid, it was just like all what our family did come into the U S me and as a kid, I just kind of gradually led into that.

[00:02:11] So whether it was selling products, buying things at school, selling them at, uh, with a low margin. Um, and then finally I went into like the, um, in college, my buddies were like, you need to. And I started doing, um, dish network and, um, working my way up eventually started selling it training classes to like city and governments and private sector companies, and then did pretty well there.

[00:02:33] And then, um, eventually went into, uh, manage it services and selling EHR and finally into software. Um, what I started a podcast and a podcast just really started to take off, um, a few years after doing it. Um, and. I was moonlighting throughout the whole time, a couple years after doing a podcast, I should say, but I was moonlighting.

[00:02:52] I was doing a sales, uh, coaching with a lot of folks and speaking at events and it just made sense. At one point we got sponsored for the podcast. It was like there's money coming in. And I was like, I can get to continue doing this or try doing something on my own. And it was my wife and I at the time, no kids and, um, jumped ship in 2015 and.

[00:03:10] Skid boat and actually turned it into like a yacht now. So you know what? I love, uh, so many good things there, but the thing that I love is like it, you said it started to take off after a few years, right man. So many people will give up after a few episodes or a few months, if you know, it's not replacing their day job.

[00:03:31] No, bro. Let me see what my wife she's very, um, she's very practical, but she's still very much so loves D the visionary side of me as well. And I knew I wanted to go. It was, it was either go back to school for like an MBA or to do a startup and TSC became an eventual startup. And when, once we started doing some like logical things, I was listening to a podcast and this dude said that he and his wife, when he, before he became entrepreneurial, they sat down and said, What amount of money we need to bring in every single month before it makes sense for this to, you know, before I can, you know, leave and then be, so they figured out a monthly amount and then said, okay, besides the monthly amount, how long do we need to consistently bring it?

[00:04:10] So it was like a three-month window at X amount of dollars, whatever your personal finances. And for my wife and I, we lived downtown at the time, you know, a small place. We paid off bills, paid off cars, and, uh, we said, Let's see what you can do. And we started bringing us hitting that number and she she's the one that kind of like asked you, like, you know, you're ready to do this.

[00:04:29] You're going to really do it. Um, and it was scary. Um, uh, she was working at a time, so it was good. But then I started, um, and the company just started to, once we saw the traction and that, that was proving to be, you know, results in a jet money can be generated from it. We just started going down a path, but it didn't happen overnight.

[00:04:45] Um, it was like putting those early mornings late nights. So, um, you know, paying to go to conferences and getting my own education and so forth and, um, and just like reading and so forth and the hustling and, um, and I do say hustling in the sense that it was hustle because I still like two jobs at once.

[00:05:01] Um, but eventually came to the point where the business had its footing. And, um, now I retired her from her full-time work. Oh man. And employ people as well. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Uh, my wife and I started our first company together, both quit our jobs and started together, but we were, um, uh, living, you know, no kids at the time we weren't married even yet.

[00:05:29] And we started the business and, uh, and. You know, our office was our one bedroom apartment, you know, the struggle. Yeah, man. And then we grew that company to 5 million in annual revenue in 26 months, you know, just grinded it out. I know hustle has, you know, a negative. Um, association with it today, especially if like, you know, people are very anti hustle and I get it.

[00:05:54] But like when you can, like, there is a certain period of time where you've got to hustle, you've got to grind and hopefully the hope is that you eventually evolve from that. But at some point you got to roll your sleeves up and you gotta put the work in, of course. And I think that's where people get a mistake.

[00:06:13] Like, you know, I. I, I, I, I want, I feel that's the best way. You've just said it is the timing of your life. Like, you know, we're single, we're in the twenties and, you know, we can sleep going four hours asleep or whatever you can do. You can do that stuff at that point. Now we got to like, Two two and a half year old and he runs the world and you know, I'm not going to leave my family and you know, not support them.

[00:06:36] My five o'clock today, I'm going home. I don't care what people say, but then I'll get up early in the morning and I'll do some more work. But that family time is critical for me. Um, and some of those. But there is a there's there's hustle. Doesn't have to be bad. You can change, put whatever adjective you want, you know, work real hard, give a lot of time or dedicate myself to my business, like work smart.

[00:06:58] That's what I did. I just didn't sleep a lot during that window. So tell me a little bit about that. What, um, you know, in your sales career, you know, as you advanced into these different things and then getting into SAS, like what made you then one day decide like I'm going to start a podcast and then build a business out of it?

[00:07:17] Like what, um, what did you see that people needed help with? Or like, what was the reason that you're like, this is a great idea. This is what entrepreneurship is going to look like for me. So I, the, the crazy part about it calling, I didn't know that at the start of jump, you know, you heard a podcast movie.

[00:07:35] Maybe. Yeah. So podcast movement was cohosts co-founded by my friend, Jared easily. And Jared and I both worked in the same company. Jared, uh, was the project manager. So he did, my demo was like sales engineer and I was the sales rep and we worked a lot together, Starsky and Hutch. And we were talking about the star startup idea, the software that we were thinking about doing, but we just didn't have the manpower to capabilities or to tick, uh, K um, Billy.

[00:07:57] So Jared went to this event in Vegas called new media expo and he's like Donald. KA podcasting has words that this was back in 2011 and I was like, all right, that sounds interesting. And he's like, um, I'm going to start one call started out. And I was like, bro, that sounds good. He's like, come on and have a little segment on the podcast.

[00:08:13] Talk about sales because he knows I love selling. And I was doing pretty well in a company. So I was like, sure, I can do that. And then after a few segments on this podcast, uh, Jared was like, bro, you should start your own show. Um, and started doing it. And I was like, what can I talk about? This was back in around April.

[00:08:27] So January, 2011, April 20. By April. I finally got the gumption to say, I'm going to start something. I created that word pre-site with a crappy little picture. If anybody could find it now it's out there somewhere. And, uh, um, and I was, I put something out there as a video. Um, Colin and in the video was like horrible, but I was talking about some sales tips and did a couple things, and then I quit.

[00:08:50] Um, for the summer. And I kept watching, listening to pat Flynn and some of, uh, um, Seth Goden on first podcast that I fell in love with. And then pat Flynn, I'm listening to that. And I was just like, man, this sounds like cool, like idea of just doing this radio show, so to speak. But then here's the kicker, bro, because I knew the struggle that I faced when I switched over from like B2C to B2B, it was a whole different game.

[00:09:13] You have more people in a process and you have like, you know, it's just a little bit more complex and I didn't quite know how to craft that. And I was like, I felt like I was banging my head against the wall, like daily before I finally had the training on a breakthrough. And I was like, what if there was a podcast out there for rookie sellers, just like to tell rookie salespeople.

[00:09:28] And that was a name that we were playing with. And then I was like, um, the long story with the evangelist side, uh, guy Kawasaki. Where we studied in college and he was Apple's chief evangelist. And I was like the only time I ever heard that was like in church, like, you know, Pentecostal or Baptist church.

[00:09:42] So I took that title when I worked at one of my tech companies and call myself the technology evangelists. Jared was like, when we were, he saw my passion for sales. He's like, man, you're like an evangelist. And I was like, well, I did use a title before, and then we just kind of married it to like Salesforce.

[00:09:56] And evangelize about selling what was working, what's helping you, what's making you successful. And I said, I saw there's three other people doing podcasts at time on sale three or four people. And Jeff blunt was one of them. And I was like, dang it, man. There's no more room for me to do this. Now there's like 250 sales podcasts, but I started the podcast in 2020.

[00:10:15] 2012. I finally got it going in 2013 when we got approved and, uh, or I think it was December, 2013 when it finally got approved by apple or whatnot. I can't remember the exact lengthy process back then. It was like, Two or three weeks, like right now you can do it in like a day or two, but it was like two to three weeks when apple went through a process to scrutinize you and it was send stuff back, you know, go fix that.

[00:10:40] And luckily I made it under the window. Um, I think I just said one thing and it made it back. Your fate was left in the hands of apple, whether you had a podcast, you two are not. Uh, but yeah, dude, it launched. Um, and the idea though, was like, if I could help other people, it will be. And then when I didn't, I didn't realize, I know pat was making money from it and several of those people, but I was just like, let's just, let's just have fun with this thing and see what happened with it.

[00:11:07] And then I remember getting the email from the first day of post, my first episode, um, this guy from my church was. Listen, I need help with some marketing and sales. Can you help me out? And I was like, sure, I don't want people. I have a coach who was like my flag football team. At that time, I was like, let's do it.

[00:11:23] And I charged him like $300 a month, one hour, a week to help him and his wife. They had some good success. The first stranger finding the podcast was in south Florida and she reached out and destiny and said, Hey. I'm wanting to get some coaching. Can I work with you? She signed up for a package. Did I did a consulting gig?

[00:11:40] And I did. I got another client then from Alabama. And I was like these people over the world, like all over the country. So far just random places, like hitting me up from the podcast. There's something viable here. And it just grew in, at that point, when we started making the money and then we went, eventually got present a few years later, who came and said they want to sponsor it.

[00:11:56] That's when the floor dropped. And I was like, this is crazy. Um, and that made me realize there was even more viability here where even a bigger credible company saw some value in us. And yeah, that's how the business started to take off. Wow. What a, what a, what a crazy story, man. I mean, it's been a wild ride.

[00:12:13] I mean, you were doing podcasts and way before. It was cool. I was like nothing. I mean, I can't say I'm that like the true, like, you know, some, there's some folks out there, like the godfather I've been doing it for like 20 years when they had like internet radio, where do they have to create their own RSS feed and all this mess.

[00:12:29] And those dudes won't even touch video. They're like old school audio only like your stuff on YouTube. That's not a podcast. I know. There's like, I mean like, like the quasi generation, I'm like, I w a podcast movement. I got a chance to, I got, I've been, um, MC that a lot of. For like five years because of my relationship with them and, um, Neilson, uh, got a chance to talk to them.

[00:12:54] And one of the things that is stress is like the new term for podcasting. Now it's as evolved for many people, like people who would do like, even like something like a series, like a live on Instagram could be considered a podcast in that sense. Right. Um, so people have, again, some of these like live audio rooms, people are kind of like loosely calling that a test as well.

[00:13:14] So anyways, but I'm all cool, whatever you want to call it. As long as people, I mean, I love that, right? Cause you're like, man, as long as it's helping people, that will be good. Right. And that's like a really good mission to just kinda stick to. Um, but I love how just organically it evolved from like this kind of hobby, you know, while having a job.

[00:13:37] And people want to pay money for me to help them with sales. Um, and, um, uh, even that first, you know, even just getting that first customer right through a hundred bucks a month, like, you know, helps you get the next one and the confidence to get the next one. And like, so I'm curious, like now what, what type of things are you seeing?

[00:13:56] Like what people are, what are you mostly helping people in sales? Like what are they struggling with? What are you seeing? And like, what's the type of work that you do with them. Yeah. Um, great question. I, most of the clients that we, we kind of, we still do coaching, but our business has evolved because it's for scaling purposes where we do more like cohorts.

[00:14:16] So like individuals who come into one of our cohorts. We have a sales foundation cohort. We have one on mastermind. We have one, we have different like workshops that we'll do, but it's cohort based, you know, for maybe X amount of weeks. And we structured our program like that because we've, I've been through those programs.

[00:14:31] You have to where it's like, you know, you go for like a, you know, two days and it's like, what in the world that I just do? I don't remember anything. Um, so. You know, you watch video modules and then we do live instructor led training like once a week. So you're practicing the stuff you're implementing.

[00:14:45] You're asking question participant in community instructor, come and leave you practice role-play. So we have this per our module set up like a program set up like that. And for those, we have like, you know, twenty-five people jump into a cohort, um, and, uh, runs it's a little bit easier to run. I do a one hour a week or two hours a week for that training session.

[00:15:04] Um, and then people will upgrade from there. They might jump into coaching. They want to get further stuff with me or one of our coaches, um, that they'll do things with. Um, and then I do consulting with, uh, you know, few companies, but the, the, the top of the funnel, the bigger thing are our programs cohorts.

[00:15:20] And then, uh, You know, the upsell from there, the podcast, as you can see behind me, PSE studios evolve as well from the business, because we started to use Dennis as a means of generating leads. So a couple of our clients kept asking us and we gave them free advice and tips to where TSC studios became a thing where now my production team and.

[00:15:40] You know, we have a studio now and they produce podcasts for, we produce for nine other podcasts and for brands who are utilizing podcasts and as a means of helping their organization. So that's a separate part of our creatives that are accompany. Um, but that's the, the bread and butter is. Coaching and sales training, the issue that many of those people are facing right now is swimming, upstream, going for larger accounts.

[00:16:02] A lot of people who started off with us if grown and got into different positions or got into different roles, and now they're enterprise sellers and they're saying, you know, well, how can I break into some of these accounts, Donald? Like, what are some of the ideas? How can I do better forecasting? How can I do better discovery?

[00:16:15] Um, I'm trying to. Land is land is better opportunities. What are some of those issues? And the sales stack is something that we have an event coming up in St. Louis and next week is a free sales meet-up event. We do them different cities in the country, and that's one of the things that a lot of people ask about is the sales stack.

[00:16:32] And also just like help me with my, um, you know, with, with enterprise selling. So those are some of the areas. Yeah. Yeah. And what I've seen is even not even on the individual level, but. Organizations, try to break into enterprise, try to go upstream to fast. Right. Everybody wants to say, yeah, I'll work with teams of this size of this revenue.

[00:16:56] Like I've heard it. All right. Billion dollar revenue. You know, they have a sales team of 250 and it's like, they're not ready to serve those type of customers. I mean, yes, they can make you, but they can also break you ready. And like, there's, there's a lot of those types of accounts that you can break into, but you kind of have, you know, one shot and if you don't play it right, or you don't, your company's not mature enough to handle that type of count or you don't have.

[00:17:27] Skills as a seller to break into one of those accounts. Like you kind of, you know, your first impression and, and the, the, that negative rapport that's built through not handling, right? Like you really gotta be ready before you start trying to go into those types of accounts. And I think what happens with, especially what you're saying, I think you said that Oprah effect in some way, right.

[00:17:46] You know, go put you, I want to put my show on Oprah, my product on Oprah and then your website can't handle. 10,000 people visiting in an hour. So you're screwed. Um, so you know, like think about it in that, in that same vein, like does the, you could probably. Target them, you probably can use the strategies, but can you fulfill it?

[00:18:08] Can your company fulfill it because it's not going to be well, your, your fulfillment department did a horrible job. Donald is going to be no, the sales of Angeles did a bad job and it doesn't matter. The whole company is going to get labeled with that. Um, and I think also the idea too, is the infrastructure for going after those.

[00:18:23] If you're going to hunt a wooly mammoth, you don't go hunting Willy mammoth alone. And I think you, you, if you, the companies that are going to do that well, they're going to have like the marketing portion set up. You're going to have your ABM strategy in place. Um, you and a half, your, you know, your, your BDRs and your AEs, a work in sync, you know, your, your texts, your, uh, your, your rev ops team have some stuff in place.

[00:18:47] And, you know, you know, you can start off doing some of those. Like, I feel like. Can you, can it be like, you know, maybe go market first and then, you know, try to get a bigger thing every once in a while, for sure. But I, you know, you just gotta have a better strategy and have something in place that's going to be well, well thought of, well, there's, there's so much that's learned through going upstream properly.

[00:19:09] Right? You got to crawl before you walk. You gotta walk before you run. Like everything that you do leading up to that moment where. Or you as an organization is ready to now, you know, go after those Willy mammoths, right. Hopefully you're not doing it alone. Like you said, um, everything that you do leading up to that prepares you for that, right?

[00:19:32] Like there are certain skills that you acquire of. Dealing with multiple stakeholders. Right. Or having X amount of people in the decision-making process. Like, you know, it's a different game at that level. Yeah. And I think that's, you know, for someone like you and me, I get like, I'm getting all like my adrenaline getting excited at that point, you know?

[00:19:53] Like, like, I, I love that, you know, You're trying to make those bill keen. And it says, you know, it's not about the relationship about being credible and I get where he's coming from, but it's the same idea. You're like, you know, you, you really want to, I want to show our credible. And build that relationship appropriately.

[00:20:13] Um, that's going to help us to, to break through and, um, it's, it's as fun as you go down that process and you start doing that and it's come back down to like the value too. Like, you know, one of the mistakes that I find that many sellers do right now is they feel like they have to have, like, I'm a big fan of personalization.

[00:20:31] But I don't, but you don't have, you can do personalization at scales. And I think what people get a mistake think about is like, you know, I have to have like my full, um, you know, I have to spend like an hour research and Collin to talk about it. I'm like, no, let's go look and see what his company is doing or some of the things that's happening and what are some of the challenges that he's facing relative to his role.

[00:20:49] And if we can tailor it towards his role, we're going to have a higher chance of being, um, scaling, um, our outreach and make it personal in that same vein. Um, and, uh, I think sometimes people just want to put everything in sales, loft, or outreach, and just like, you know, just put the same thing over and over.

[00:21:06] You tweak your message according to the role, but you got to make sure you do. And if we're, if you find it that as well, I'm going to one of my big, uh, big. Uh, my big heroes. I'm just going to say Dwan brown. I mean, when anyone goes to Dwan, um, just interviewed him today. Come on, man. Come on. So Diwan is my hero.

[00:21:27] So one of the things Diwan, he was talking to adjunct the class because I have nothing else to do to, um, at my Alma mater they develop a sales program and they tap me. So I, I do one class. That's pretty like one of my cohorts, um, and Dwan came into class and one of the things. You emphasize and stress is like, he talked about a story, how he listened to this podcast, or he saw someone on LinkedIn com commented on her posts and interacted on her posts.

[00:21:51] But that email that he sent was able to tie back to the. I'll have to email. So that was, uh, you know, it was personalized to her role in the challenges, but then his subject line was personalized to the conversation on LinkedIn. If that makes sense. So hyper personal LinkedIn, you're making that connection, having a good stuff.

[00:22:09] His email was the targeted email that was personalized to the role, but then the subject line was something about like, you know, what a five-year-old understand this. Cause that was a comment on LinkedIn. So then it's something you talk about. Uh, no, he didn't talk about that today. You need to get that story, but he put that as a subject line with a five-year-old would this make sense to a five-year-old and she opened an email and then she read the email that was tailored to the role and it made sense and got an appointment.

[00:22:34] He knows a thing or two about what makes sense to a five-year-old with six kids. I know, right. Two kids behind him with just had my fourth. I'm at one. And we're talking about the second right now. So go for it, man. You just gotta go for it. Uh, All right. So this, this is, this is awesome. Um, so I think that, yeah, I mean, people want to, like, they want the silver bullet, they want the templates, they want the scripts.

[00:22:59] Like, if you want to play in the big leagues, you want to go after enterprise, you want to go after these dream clients. Right. Which everybody says they want to do, but most people aren't really ready and they haven't done the work to prepare themselves to be able to do that. Um, you have to be personalized.

[00:23:14] Like you have to be creative. You have to stand out in a big way. I don't know if you saw the recent little duck, you mentoree that BombBomb put out. Did you see that? Watch your Ethan? Just, I, I saw it in a signature. Like I just a talk, he came into our class, they interviewed like the CMO of HubSpot and some other people about.

[00:23:33] You know, digital pollution and junk that people are getting to get their attention. And so, I mean, it takes a level of creativity, um, and strategic thinking. Yeah. If you want to play in the big leagues and you may not have done the work yet as a seller and you may not be mature enough or have, like you said, Donald the credibility, right.

[00:23:55] Because those big companies, like what's the first thing they're gonna say. Have you done this before? Uh, uh, we're going to test it out with you. Listen, I trying to be your first, you know, like, you know, people want to start a relationship. I ain't trying to be a start a relationship. Like at this point, I don't want to teach you how to date, like go do that somewhere else.

[00:24:14] Yeah. Yeah. And so that example that you gave with day one, there is like that's money. That's, that's how somebody in the big leagues plays the game. This is something else that he said too. Um, since you and I are both big fans of podcasts and you've had some credible, like some really credible people on your show.

[00:24:33] Um, so think about it. Like, what are those people saying in that conversation that most people are not listening to and Dwan said, you know, just go do like a search for like, you know, executive at XYZ. If, and even if it doesn't have to be a large organization, if you know, if you're still playing with the mid-market right now, what are some of those, uh, those executives saying search based on the, you know, so let's put, you know, Jake Jones and, uh, you know, uh, comma interview and what's going to come back that conversation when you listen to it, it probably the questions I'd say you asked Jake do or not.

[00:25:04] They're probably going to be more organic where you probably reveal, like, you know, this is some of the focus that we have as a company. These are some of the things that we're trying to, you know, really focus on like that. A bigger league game approach versus like, I'm just going to Willy nilly and just go say, you know, send something like I'm sending to an SMB.

[00:25:20] Like it, it just, you take some, not a whole bunch of distraction, but you can still, if it's an account that I'm trying to really try and break into Microsoft, you best believe I'm going to do that effectively and still have my, my personalized or role, you know, email, but I'm going to focus my conversation and my outreach based on the things that I've learned.

[00:25:41] So I can have that. That type of strategic conversation. When I do get to the table, if I got your attention, I can still, you know, I can bring that in, you know, Colin, I met you when you were on a third, Jake, you and you're on Collin podcasts. You spoke about this idea, uh, from, you know, how you want to particularly move the company into in 20, in 2023 with the great resignation.

[00:26:02] Um, how do you feel something like this could be, you know, but then now it's like, dang, bro, you did your homework. Come on, let's talk. Yeah. Yeah. And when you look at those interviews and you see like just the regular PR media sort of appearances, right? It's a big company. There's going to be plenty of that.

[00:26:16] Um, you're going to get some surface level, like, you know, here's the goals, here's what we're doing is ready to accomplish there's new initiatives. You're gonna get that sort of stuff, which is cool. Cause you can typically tie that to your product, but if you want to catch their attention, you're going to get a lot of times in podcasts, maybe a little bit more personal stuff, you might find out they have kids or.

[00:26:34] They have multiple kids or they just had a kid and like, you know, that's the personal personalization. And then that also like, you know, more companies sort of, you know, relevance to like what you do, you mix those two and it works like Matt, come on, bro. Come on, man told you, I feel I haven't subscribed to Collin's podcast yet you better subscribe and you better leave this man, a rating and review because he's bringing a straight goal every single day.

[00:26:59] Yeah, we, we, we rehearsed that before folks did I say it right? You were right on point. Yeah. So, all right. We, we, we got a little bit of time left and we obviously started having way too much fun. So sell it like a mango. Come on. What is it like? Oh, Yeah. Like w why the title, what do people expect in there?

[00:27:22] So just give us the goods. So, you know, what I, who I focus on right now, I, you know, I have this affinity for these sellers that are new, they're trying to try to do well, trying to grow, trying to, you know, they don't want to. Keep hitting their head against the wall. When I grew up in a kid in Jamaica, I remember I wanted to get this ninja bike.

[00:27:38] It was like this, uh, this guy literally was a ninja on this bike and it was like Christmas time. It was like remote control bike. And, um, and I wanted to get that and I couldn't afford it then. Um, and I like, you know, well, what if I start saving money? And I worked, our family had a shop, uh, like almost like a TN.

[00:27:55] If you lived in a south American country, I'd be like, Luke tan does. Family owned convenience stores, essentially. And, uh, we sir sold like, you know, main staples. So as a six-year-old I'm in the store selling stuff, uh, you know, selling rice and measuring rice and oil and things like that. So I was used to the idea of exchanging money and of selling, right.

[00:28:16] So now think about it when I want to make money. What I think I was doing. I started taking these candies and I started to, but, um, put cookies. I put them in baggies and I remember my cousin, she was a one it's a mango. So I'm the smallest kid in a family. So they had me climb the tree to get mangoes in the front yard.

[00:28:31] And I was like, wait a minute. They want mangoes more people probably want mangoes. What if I sold mangoes? I see people selling mangoes. So I had the mangoes, I put them on this local. Um, my aunt had this plant, um, Stan and I took all the plants off and that was my counter. And I had the mango stair and I was waiting for people to buy and get so much mangoes.

[00:28:47] I sold that day. All of them nothing.

[00:28:54] And here's the reason we had this big gate going around our house and the property. And there's like, you could see me through the gate, but I was behind a tree next to the street. And I was sitting here with this table with this, uh, on a plant stand, trying to sell mangoes. So nobody knew where I was and I was thinking, well, how in the world is some people successful selling the same exact product that I will sell?

[00:29:14] And as you look at it over time in Jamaica, you have people who are in the marketplace and they're have their stands right next to each other. They're not behind a fence and some of them are successful and some of them don't make as much as the other. And that's like how in the world, you have the same exact mango from the same exact region from the same exact probably tree, but one person is being more successful in.

[00:29:31] And the principles applied to B2B selling and we broke it down into what I work on my book, coach, you know, 12 principles that we could take from that, that really that sellers can take and apply. So the concept is sell it like a mango and new seller's guide to closing more deals, whether you're selling software, whether you're selling managed services, whether you're selling houses, it was still in cars, whatever you're selling, sell it like a mango.

[00:29:52] Um, and in that same vein. How do people succeed? Who sell mangoes? They differentiate themselves. They try different strategies. They are, they have a process. They have a system. They follow, they think like an entrepreneur. They're not afraid of rejection to show up day after day after day. And I, one of the principles I gave it's like, you know, sometimes sellers get all offended or get all bent out of shape.

[00:30:12] When somebody said they don't want to buy something from you. And I shared an example or a book like we would go to school. And on the way to school, you find these people in a market selling the same product. When I was growing up as a kid in Jamaica, selling every single day. And they would ask you. You want to buy a t-shirt you want, you don't, you know, you want to buy something.

[00:30:25] And it was like, we didn't want to buy anything those times. Or if it was a snack we weren't bought, we didn't have the money. We didn't want to buy it. We tell them no, but it didn't that person didn't just hurt feelings. Didn't get hurt. And it gave up, if they've got, give, it gave up and left, think about all the hundreds of people that crossed their path that day or the next day, who could have bought something.

[00:30:43] And they realize you may not want my mango right now, Donald, but that doesn't mean it's you don't want it. You just don't want it right now. I'm going to still do this every single day. I'm still going to show up and the same idea with sellers. Like you need to keep showing up, what are you going to do to make sure you're following up?

[00:30:58] And you're doing your, your being present and staying with the right mindset so you can be successful. So, so many principals from people selling mangoes on the street to somebody selling complex software to an enterprise organization. Yeah, sustained consistent, not taking it personal. Um, I mean the main thing is focusing on what you control.

[00:31:17] You can control. I think that's where, that's why I, you know, when I put the book together, I was like, that's somebody people who have that, they recognize that idea. I can, I can manipulate the things I have control over the ones that I can. I can't change the weather. I can't change any of that stuff, but I can control.

[00:31:33] How I'm going to perform when I'm there, where I'm going to put my stand, what am I going to say? When people come by and it's the same notion, what are you, where are you staking out as a seller? You camping out on, uh, you know, just sitting there in the office and on your computer and the email or you going back, we can go on your sequences.

[00:31:49] When you picking up the phone, making deals happen. Come on, man. You got me excited. So sell it like a mango. Um, you can check it out. It's on Amazon right now. Pre-order May 16th is the takeoff date. Um, so if you want to go get it, you can go. Pre-order a website is launching in the next couple of weeks, our updated landing page, and it will be the sales at that point.

[00:32:12] But right now, check it out on the Amazon. Awesome. And special treat told you. I had a surprise for you, Donald. Let's see this, this, this here, this first 10 people to send me a DM. After consuming this episode and you obviously had to stick around to the wind. So thank you for that. Um, first 10 people to send me a DM.

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