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March 14, 2022

#263 S2 Episode 132 - How Pre-Discovery Can Increase Close Rates

In this episode of The Sales Transformation Podcast, Collin talks about the benefits of doing Pre-Discovery calls to increase close rates. Instead of doing deep discovery calls with prospects that might not even be a good fit, Collin urges sellers to add another layer of qualification. He swears by the strategy, and talks about how it has saved time to make way for more revenue-generating activities.

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  • Pre-Discovery calls save time 
  • Long discovery calls waste yours and your prospect's time
  • Make more time for revenue-generating activities


Collin: "It's just another layer of qualifying people before spending too much time with them, wasting their time and yours. A lot of sellers don't value their time as much as they value their prospect's time."

Collin: "You'll have more time to spend with prospects, you'll have more time to prospect, you'll have more time to follow up with engaged prospects and what's gonna happen is less deals are gonna make it to your pipeline. But what does make it to your pipeline is gonna be extremely more qualified."

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[00:00:00] In the world of sales, you either sink or swim or breakthrough to the next level. My name's Colin Mitchell, and this is sales transformation, a new kind of sales show designed to bring you through the epic life-changing moments of elite sellers. So you can experience your own sales transformation.

[00:00:24] All right. Welcome to another episode of sales transformation. I'm calling Mitchell, and today's going to be a solo episode where I'm going to talk about how you can impact. Prediscovery into your sales process to increase your close rates. Now, this is something that I had to learn the hard way. Um, after a long history of just having discovered.

[00:00:50] In my sales process and never having a prediscovery, which happens before the discovery call. Um, there's a lot of benefits of this because what I experienced firsthand is discovery calls typically for, uh, our longer calls. Right. And a lot of times you might know in the first five minutes, if that prospect's not necessarily qualified, if they don't legitimately have a problem that you could solve, if they don't have the budget to work with you.

[00:01:22] I mean, there's a lot of reasons that you would disqualify a prospect. Um, but you might know that in the first five minutes, but you feel sort of obligated to. See out the rest of the call and a lot of time gets wasted for sellers spending that time on a call with a prospect that they know is not qualified in the first five minutes.

[00:01:41] So what you can do is you can start to implement prediscovery calls, or you can just call them an intro call, um, whatever you want to call it doesn't really mean. But the point is, is these are going to be shorter calls. And in these calls, you get on a call with your prospect and you don't go into a deep dive discovery where you're asking a lot of questions, but you're asking some Berry, very basic questions just to see like, Hey, is this a prospect that we can actually help?

[00:02:08] Do they actually have the budget to work with us? Do they actually see value in solving that problem and seen if you're maybe. Fit for them. Um, and vice versa. So if you implement a prediscovery call, you're going to spend less time on, uh, they're. Now out of those prediscovery calls, only a certain percentage of those are going to make it to actually go into discovery, which would be the next step in your sales process.

[00:02:32] So it's just another layer of qualifying people before spending too much time with them wasting their time and yours. Um, it's a big. A lot of sellers don't value their time as much as they value that prospect's time. So you've got to understand, there's like, they're wasting your time as much as you're wasting theirs, if it's not a right fit.

[00:02:51] And if it's not a right fit, that's totally okay. But you can solve this by implementing a pre discovery call into your sales process. I did this and have seen a. Tons of more time free up on my calendar. Um, you'll have more time to spend with prospects. You'll have more times to prospect. You'll have more time to follow up with engaged prospects and what's going to happen is less deals.

[00:03:19] Maybe less deals, not necessarily, um, are going to make it to your actual pipeline, but what does make it into your pipeline is going to be extremely more qualified. And you're also going to get a lot more time back on your calendar to do more revenue generating activities. So I hope that you found this helpful.

[00:03:37] If you did, please write a. It really helps us out. Share the show with your friends and has always listening for your feedback. You can go to sales, and drop me a voice DM, and I will get back to you. Hey, you stuck around that tells me you're serious about your own sales transformation.

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