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March 8, 2022

#260 S2 Episode 129 - The Best Kept Prospecting Secret

In this episode of The Sales Transformation with Collin Mitchell podcast, Collin talks about podcasting as an excellent prospecting tool. While Collin is usually quick to tell people to start their own podcasts, this time he’s just recommending that you look for shows that your prospect has guested on, listen to it, and look for things that you can use to reach out to them in a meaningful way.

This way, your reach out efforts can stand out, since you already took the time to research the client and are much more equipped to make them relate to you in a human way.

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  • Podcasting is a great prospecting tool
  • Look for your prospects on Podchaser and Listennotes
  • Listen for things you can use to reach out in a meaningful way
  • Use the information in a creative way


Collin: "People tend to get a little bit personal on podcasts for whatever reason. They just have a better comfort level or in a lot of cases, they go on a show that just has a great host that really gets them comfortable and is able to dig deep on particular things."

Collin: "Look for things that you learned that you found value in. Take notes of those. Personal things that you may have learned about them. If they talk about business problems, maybe they talked about things that they really do well at as  a company. Anything that you could use to reach out to them in a meaningful way."

Use these websites to search for shows that your prospects have guested in: 

Learn more about Collin in the link below: 

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[00:00:00] In the world of sales, you either sink or swim or breakthrough to the next level. My name's Colin Mitchell, and this is sales transformation, a new kind of sales show designed to bring you through the epic life-changing moments of elite sellers. So you can experience your own sales transformation,

[00:00:24] our right welcome to another episode of sales transformation. Today's going to be a solo episode where I'm going to give you one of the best. Prospecting secrets. This is a, this is a secret that most people are not using. I've shared it for a while now. Um, but I still haven't seen a lot of people actually put it into use and it's how to use podcasts.

[00:00:52] And you're prospecting and no, it's not starting to podcast and asking your guests to come on your show, which is a fantastic idea, by the way. Um, it's actually searching out podcasts. That your prospects have guested on. Okay. And there's a few different ways that you can do this. Two websites that I recommend is pod and listen notes.

[00:01:17] Pod chaser is a little bit nicer UI. Um, but listen notes is by far, has the most accurate, most robust dataset. So you can simply just go into. And you can search your prospect's name or maybe somebody on the buying committee, or maybe somebody in the C level, um, of an account that you're trying to break into.

[00:01:38] Um, or this can be somebody that you're already engaged with. It doesn't matter. It works really. Okay. Um, and what you can do is you can go and listen to some of those podcasts directly on these websites. You don't have to leave these sites at all, and you can start to get a feel for that, start to understand their personality.

[00:01:57] What makes them tick? Um, what's maybe important to them or top of mind to them. The interesting thing is you're going to get money. Different information from these podcasts, then say a media appearance, or maybe, you know, their social content. People tend to get a little bit personal on podcasts. Uh, for whatever reason, they just have more, a better comfort level or maybe, you know, a lot of cases, they go on a show that just has a great CA gear, great host that really, um, gets them comfortable and is able to, you know, dig deep on particular things.

[00:02:31] So you can go to these sites, pod chaser, listen. Search these people out, you know, find a few shows that they've been on and listen to them and look for things that you maybe learned, um, that you found value in, take notes of those, um, you know, personal things that you may have learned about them. If they talk about, you know, maybe business problems, maybe they talk about things that they're really do well at as a company.

[00:02:57] Um, anything that you could use to. Reach out to them in a meaningful way. And this is going to stand out in a big way, because nobody is doing this. Um, you can take these things. You can, you know, put yourself together a little video script if you're using it in prospecting, um, you can use it to advance deals.

[00:03:17] Um, if you know, maybe they're ghosting you. Um, it's a creative way to, you know, catch their attention to, and to move the ball forward. Uh, so this is a really simple task. It is. Time-consuming. Uh, you can listen to these podcasts at like one and a half or two X speed. You may even be able to dig into the show notes.

[00:03:36] If the show has good show notes and find some takeaways or quotes from them, um, on where those are. Uh, but I would recommend just consuming the whole episode, maybe putting it on one and a half speed. So you can consume it a little bit faster, do this with a few shows. Uh, And this will work like magic.

[00:03:55] All right. So hope you enjoyed today's tip. If you enjoyed this episode, please rate us review, share the show with your friends and as always I'm listening for your feedback, you can go to sales, and drop me a voicemail. Hey, you stuck around that tells me you're serious about your own sales transformation.

[00:04:13] If you're tired of doing things the old way and want to get started in your journey with other people on the same path, head over to sales,, and crush your numbers on your livable. Yeah. It's free sales Send me a DM with your best pitch and mentioned this ad. And I might even give you free access to our best templates.