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Feb. 1, 2022

#237 S2 Episode 106 - Be Yourself In All Your Sales Activities

In this episode of the Sales Transformation Podcast, Collin talks about making your sales process, from your scripts to your videos, your own. While using the scripts and prompts provided to you is fine while you’re starting out, Collin maintains that as you progress through your sales journey, you’ll need to change things up and ensure that they feel natural and authentic to you.

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  • There isn't just one way to do things 
  • Use the scripts, but make them your own
  • Your sales activities should feel authentic to you


Collin: "Be yourself. Your prospects or customers are human, just like you."

Collin: "If you're just getting started in sales, use the scripts. Use what other people have used before you. You don't need to recreate the wheel. But you do need to find a way to have your own creativity and your autonomy to do these sales activities in the way that feels best for you."

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[00:00:00] In the world of sales, you either sink or swim or breakthrough to the next level. My name's Colin Mitchell. And this is sales transformation, a new kind of sales show designed to bring you through the epic life-changing moments of elite sellers. So you can experience your own sales transformation.

[00:00:25] All right. Welcome to another episode of sales transformation. Today. I want to talk about something that kind of bothers me a little bit. So you see a lot of people in sales, um, you know, sales coaches, consultants, gurus, whatever you want to call these people. They often. We'll try to tell you that there's one way to do a certain thing.

[00:00:48] One way to make a cold call, perfect way to send an email certain way to use LinkedIn, to prospect the silver bullet script for video prospecting. You know, these are kind of some of the examples, and I would say the number one most important thing in sales. Is to be yourself, your prospects, your customers are humans, just like you.

[00:01:14] Um, there's no such thing as the perfect video. The perfect video is the one that's not perfect where it's just you. Maybe it's maybe you make a mistake. Maybe you jumble in your words, a little bit shows that you are here. Um, and so, you know, in all of your sales activities, you know, running your discovery, making your cold calls, using video, using social, all of these things find the way that feels.

[00:01:40] Authentic to you, not by might be a little bit different than the person, um, you know, on your team that might be a little bit different than your sales leader or sales boss that might be, um, different than the things that you've taught. Now there's some frameworks and there's some scripts that are helpful in.

[00:01:59] If you're just getting started, but at some point you sort of got to bring your own flavor to it. You've got to make them your own because that's the only way that making a cold call, sending an email, uh, using video to prospect is going to feel natural. It's going to be less work. It's going to feel more genuine.

[00:02:21] It's going to come across as you being more authentic in all of the ways that you deal with your customers and your prospects. So if you're just getting started in sales, Use the scripts use what other people have, you know, used before you, you don't need to recreate the wheel, but you do need to find a way to have your own creativity and your autonomy to do these sales activities in the way.

[00:02:49] Feels best for you. So today's a short episode. Just wanted to put that out there for you. If you enjoy today's episode, please write us a review, share the show with your friends. We're always listening for your feedback. Hey, you stuck around that tells me you're serious about your own sales transformation.

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