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Jan. 5, 2022

#223 S2 Episode 92 - How Sellers Can Use Podcasting To Win Their Dream Clients

#223 S2 Episode 92 - How Sellers Can Use Podcasting To Win Their Dream Clients

This episode of the Sales Transformation Podcast, Collin talks about leveraging the power of podcasting to win your dream clients over. Much like all sales activity, you should think of the needs of your guest first: ensure that they have a good time, from the initial reach out, the podcast itself, and even after the podcast has been published. This allows you to build strong relationships that may open up sales opportunities or at the very least, help you build referral networks.

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  • Be intentional in the people you reach out to for your podcast
  • Ensure that the experience for your guest is ideal 
  • Arm yourself with research before the interview
  • Be genuinely curious about your guests
  • The relationship starts after the interview


Collin: "Have your show about this particular topic, invite these people that are your ideal customer profile on to your show, and you build a relationship with them in a very different context than you used to. You're adding value from day one, you're building a lot of trust, you're building a lot of rapport." 

Collin: "Show that you're an awesome host. Show that you genuinely care about them, that you're genuinely curious about them." 

Collin: "You gotta find ways as a podcast host and as a seller to continually stay top of mind. Engage with their content  with intentionality. Continue to further the relationship."

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[00:00:00] In the world of sales, you either sink or swim or breakthrough to the next level. My name's Colin Mitchell, and this is sales transformation, a new kind of sales show designed to bring you through the epic life-changing moments of elite sellers. So you can experience your own sales transformation.

[00:00:24] All right. Welcome to another episode of sales transformation. Today's going to be a solo episode where I'm going to dig into something that I'm super passionate about, and it's how to use podcasting as a seller. And specifically, I want to talk about. What that looks like and get a little bit tactical, right?

[00:00:40] So your traditional sales funnel, right? You have prospects, there's some level of awareness. Maybe it's through marketing. Maybe it's an inbound lead. Maybe it's through outbound activities. And you spark their interest to have a conversation through that conversation. Maybe they have, um, a desire for you to solve a problem that they have, um, for a potential future state, that what you do offers, and then they make a decision and take action.

[00:01:14] Right, but there's a lot of steps throughout that process. And many of them are dependent on building trust, building rapport, uh, positioning yourself as an expert to solve these problems for them, educating them throughout the process. Um, and I want to talk about how sellers can use a podcast, you know, a pod when you reach out to somebody in the first interaction.

[00:01:41] And if you're very intentional about who you reach out to, if you're a podcast or if you're a seller that has a podcast, if you're a seller and you have a podcast, having a podcast about sales, doesn't make a lot of sense unless you sell into sellers. Um, you want to have a show. About having conversations with the types of people that you're looking to build relationships with that can create opportunity in your role, in your business and drive revenue like that is the ultimate best way to use a podcast as a seller.

[00:02:19] Um, and how you would do that. Have your show about this particular topic, invite these people that are your ideal customer profile onto your show, and you build a relationship with them in a very different context than they're used to. You're adding value from day one. You're building a lot of trust.

[00:02:39] You're building a lot of rapport. Now that really depends on what the experience is like. Uh, the experience for these people is. What matters most. And I'm talking about what happens before they come on your show. This is how you reach out to them. Do you use video, um, are you aggressive in your tactics?

[00:02:59] Um, do you make it very warm and inviting? Like how you reach out to them to get them to come on your show in the first place? And then what that process looks like, you know, uh, do you collect all the information up front? Um, meaning their headshot, their bio, you know, things you're maybe going to talk about is the scheduling process easy.

[00:03:17] Now I know these sound like really simple things, but last year I personally guessed it on about 60 podcasts. And I can tell you that there's a lot of people, uh, where just the scheduling process alone. Depending on what scheduling platform they're using, how many questions they ask, um, or don't ask in this case, uh, because then they have to ask them later, which is knowing.

[00:03:42] So how you reach out to them. What that scheduling process look like really matters in the overall experience with these individuals. Um, and then when they come on your show, be prepared, do some reach research on them, have a little bit of a conversation before you just hit record show up on time. Uh, show them that you did your research, maybe validate some facts, maybe ask them some follow up questions around the things that you found in your research.

[00:04:16] These are all things that happen. You know, the date of the recording. I can't tell you how many times I personally have hopped on shows and it's just really. Quick, they just hit record and we just jumped right into it and they ask questions that they clearly could have found out prior to, and it's like new information to them.

[00:04:33] So it shows that they did not care enough to do a little bit of research prior to me coming on the show, which makes you question, like, why did you even want me on the show in the first place? So all of these things are about the experience that you're giving to your cast. These are people that you're looking to build relationships, build trust, build rapport.

[00:04:49] Maybe create opportunity with then the experience matters and it matters throughout the whole process. Um, and then, so, you know, ask good questions. Don't interrupt them. Um, show them that you're genuinely curious, uh, ask good follow-up questions. Don't miss, you know, big moments, big opportunity to just go deeper on particular things.

[00:05:11] Um, read between the lines. In the conversation, these are all things that are going to elevate the experience and show that you're an awesome host show that you genuinely care about care about them. You're genuinely curious about them. Um, so that's kind of like what the interview looks like. And then after this is where so many people miss the mark, the relationship really starts after the podcast.

[00:05:35] And so typical scenario people send the content, ask them to promote it. And that's it. You got to find ways as a podcast host as a seller to continually stay top of mind, engage with their content with intentionality, um, you know, Continue to further the relationship, you know, maybe you have something of extreme value that you can offer them a free strategy, call a free coaching call and invite to a free coaching group that you do.

[00:06:03] Um, maybe a guide or a resource, uh, on something. And you know, I'm not talking about some boring marketing white paper, like something of real value. Um, You got to figure out what that is. Maybe it's inviting them to a community. Maybe it's doing regular events. Uh, you got to find ways that are connected to what you do, that you can continue to add value with those people stay top of mind.

[00:06:28] I love to move the relationship to texting. So I like to collect a mobile number. I like to send them a text when the episode goes live in a lot of cases. Um, there's tons of way that you do, you can do this, but you've got to find out what works for you and ties back to what you do. So this is how you.

[00:06:44] Basically skip the sales funnel, uh, put your guest straight into the trust funnel and build real relationships. Now, not all of them are going to convert to clients. Um, you know, that is. The goal in a lot of cases and it will get there. Um, but you really gotta have like a sell without selling sort of mindset with this approach.

[00:07:02] And this is not going to work with everybody. Um, but at the very least, you're going to have a bunch of awesome relationships with awesome people. And if you're very intentional about who you invite on your show, many of those will become clients referrals. Or both. So if you enjoyed this episode, please write us a review, share the show with your friends, and then also give us your feedback.

[00:07:21] You can go to sales,, drop me a voice DM, and I will get back to you. Hey, you stuck around that tells me you're serious about your own sales transformation. If you're tired of doing things the old way and want to get started in your journey with other people on the same page. Head over to sales, and crush your numbers on your loadable.

[00:07:41] Yeah. It's free sales Send me a DM with your best pitch and mention this ad. And I might even give you free access to our best templates.