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Nov. 2, 2021

#185 S2 Episode 54 - LinkedIn Social Selling Tips

On this solo episode of the Sales Transformation Podcast with Collin Mitchell, he gives helpful tips on how to best work on your LinkedIn such as social selling tips and the mindset you need to have in that particular social media platform.

Connecting with the right people in LinkedIn will be difficult for you if you don't optimize your LinkedIn profile, thankfully Collin shares how he does his method of connecting with people as well as how best to create your own LinkedIn profile that is friendly, professional, and approachable for others.

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00:15 Optimize your profile and why it matters

01:34 LinkedIn headline should be simple, straight to the point, and why people should reach out to you

02:27 LinkedIn mindset that you should have

03:50 Sales Navigator, the tool you need to try out

05:26 Video vs text In terms of booking meetings in LinkedIn in Collin's experience


00:33 "Two big places that you want to focus on first is your banner. Make sure that you don't have some generic banner ... it should be something unique to you, your brand, and what it is that you do for your prospects."

00:55 "Second place that you wanna focus on is your headshot. Make sure that it's zoomed in a headshot that you look friendly, approachable, professional. You don't need to have a suit and tie or have a buttoned-up shirt, but look approachable."

02:14 "Because when you reach out to people to connect with them, they are going to check out your profile in most cases before they decide to accept it. So this is a very important piece."

04:19 "Connect with as many as possible, you can only do a 100 a week. So you might as well maximize that every single week. I typically recommend that you don't do all 100 in one day, maybe do 80 on a Monday and save yourself 10 or 20 that way if there's anything that comes up throughout the week like a prospect or inbound ... you haven't maxed out your connections."

05:30 "I was able to book 15 minutes per week following this recipe. Sending them a video telling them about a way I can add value that piqued their interest to have a conversation. Not a discovery call, not a sales conversation, not a demo of my product, but something that was related about what it is that I do ... that was of value to them."

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[00:00:00] In the world of sales, you either sink or swim or breakthrough to the next level. My name's Colin Mitchell. And this is sales transformation, a new kind of sales show designed to bring you through the epic life-changing moments of elite sellers. So you can experience your own sales transformation.

[00:00:25] All right. Welcome to another episode of sales transformation. Today's a solo episode where I'm going to break down some LinkedIn social selling tips. All right. So first thing we want to dive into is optimizing your profile. All right. Few takeaways. There's a lot that we can unpack, but I'm going to keep it really simple and tactical in this episode to just give you some simple things, to think about some things that you can maybe do or take action or adjust.

[00:00:52] Um, and first thing that I want to start with is optimizing your profile. To big places that you want to focus on first is your banner. Make sure that you don't have some generic banner. Uh, you can get somebody to make one of these for you on Fiverr or Upwork. If you're not a creative type, you can build it on Canva.

[00:01:11] Or you can ask a friend to do something for you, but it should be something unique to you, your brand and what it is that you do for your prospects. All right. Second place that you want to focus on is your head. Make sure it's, you know, zoomed in headshot that your look friendly, approachable, professional, um, you know, you don't need to be in a suit and tie or have a button-down shirt.

[00:01:32] Um, but you know, look approachable. You know, mine personally, uh, was just upgraded recently. And you can easily make some adjustments with some color on that, so that it pops more and it catches people's attention when you're popping up in their feed or in comments, feel free to look at my profile if you want to use it as an example.

[00:01:53] Um, and then, so the next place, that's a really important piece of real estate is your headline that's right underneath your, your, uh, right next to your profile pic. Um, you know, in there you want to describe what it is that you do for people, what problem you solve, what service you provide, why people would reach out to you.

[00:02:13] And then I personally am a big fan of using emojis and making it fun. I'm also putting a little. Personal site in there too. The fact that I'm a father and that I enjoy, uh, that I'm a mindfulness practitioner, um, that I'm a swimmer, things like that. So people get a little bit of an idea of what it is I do professionally.

[00:02:30] And then also a little bit about me and my personality and what I enjoy most. Uh, so those are some important pieces. All right, because when you reach out to people to connect with them, they are going to check out your profile in most cases, before they decide to accept it. So this is a very, very important piece, right?

[00:02:51] So now we're all on LinkedIn to build relationships, to make connections. And that's the type of mindset that you want to have with using LinkedIn to many people. Use LinkedIn in the mindset of I'm here to book meetings, I'm here to find leads. I'm here to close deals and yes, we're all there to build relationships that hopefully lead to those things.

[00:03:11] But when you don't have that mindset, you kind of are setting yourself up for failure because you're going to be in a place where you want to take more than you give from the platform. And you also have expectations that are not going to be meet met most. So really want to shift your focus of like I'm here to build relationships and meet people.

[00:03:32] And what happens from there hopefully is you find some people that maybe you can help or that you can serve. Um, and hopefully build some pipeline and close some deals. Ultimately we all get it. That's what we're there for. But when you go into it with that knee, uh, that sort of negative mindset, it's going to be really hard to be 60.

[00:03:51] On LinkedIn. All right. So here's a simple formula that you can use to build more relationships. I ran an experiment a while back and, um, I, when released their integration with LinkedIn, I started to send my max amount of connections, which is now 100 per week. And, uh, I sent it with no personalization.

[00:04:12] Okay. So I targeted through sales navigator. Okay. If you don't have sales navigator, a highly recommend it build out a list of your ideal prospects or people you want to build relationships with. Maybe that's partners, investors, whatever the case is that you're trying to accomplish. It all starts with building the list.

[00:04:30] Okay. And once you build that list, you can refine that list. You can remove people, go by size by go by company, look for, um, keywords, all kinds of things. Get creative with your brilliant search. All right. And then from there connect with as many as possible. All right. So you can only do a hundred a week, so you might as well maximize that every single week.

[00:04:50] Uh, I typically recommend that you don't do all hundred in one day, maybe do 80 on a Monday and save yourself. 10 or 20 that way, if there's anything that comes out, comes up throughout the week, like a prospect or an inbound or somebody that you're trying to reach out to on other channels and you want to connect with them, uh, you haven't maxed out your connection.

[00:05:09] So it's definitely something to consider there. All right. And when you reach out to these people, when you connect to these people, these 80 people, you don't need to send personalization. Now, this is what worked for me and who you're reaching out to. And. What it is that you do and how optimize your profile.

[00:05:27] All of these variables will matter on how successful it is. Okay. Me personally, when I send messages, uh, without, when I send connection requests without messages, I was able to get a 55% connection acceptance. Okay. When I sent a message, it was slightly higher, 65%. However, when the first touch. Was not text and it was a video.

[00:05:51] I booked 30% more meetings. So I was able to book about 15 meetings per week. Following this recipe, sending them a video ad, telling them about a way that I could add value that peaked their interest to have a conversation, not a discovery call, not a sales conversation, not a demo of my product, but something that was related.

[00:06:14] To what it is that I do, which is I'm in the podcasting space, that was a value to them and piqued their interest to have a conversation. Now, once I had those conversations, many of them went to the next step of asking questions and then to discovery and all of that, um, people are genuinely curious about what you do now in the videos.

[00:06:33] I kept those less than 30 seconds. Okay. Smile, wave. Keep it short and concise. Do not send a calendar link, uh, let them know, call to action. Best call to action in these videos is if you're interested or you want to learn more, are you open to setting up a call? Let me know, and I can send over some times or link so you can pick one on your own.

[00:06:53] Um, so in your call to action, there don't include the link in there because it just comes off too salesy, too spammy, and it won't convert as well. And if you follow this every single week, you will be able to align. More and more conversations with your ideal customer profile. And many of those will go to discovery and further.

[00:07:13] So this was just meant to be very short and brief takeaways here. Optimize your profile, uh, starting with the, the banner headshot, um, your. Um, headline. Okay. And then start using it to build relationships. Now there's a lot more than we can cover, but I'm going to keep it short today. I think we'll do a part two on this one.

[00:07:34] If you enjoyed today's episode, please share the show with your friends. Write us a review, and we're listening for your feedback as well. You can go to sales, transformation dot F M, and you can drop us a voice DM, and we do get back to all of those. All right. Thank you. Hey, you stepped. That tells me you're serious about your own sales transformation.

[00:07:54] If you're tired of doing things the old way and want to get started in your journey with other people on the same path, head over to sales,, and crush your numbers on your local. Yeah. It's free sales Send me a DM with your best pitch and mention this ad. And I might even give you free access to our best templates.