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Oct. 20, 2021

#176 S2 Episode 45 - From Car Sales to Best Selling Author and Motivational Speaker with Daniel Gomez

On this episode of the Sales Transformation Podcast with Collin Mitchell, he's joined by Daniel Gomez, Award-Winning Business and Executive Coach in Shield of Faith Coaching, President of Daniel Gomez Enterprises LLC, and Podcast of the Year recipient.

The duo talks about why believing in yourself in sales is a powerful tool that changes the mindset of the person. Not only that, he shares how being genuine and listen more than talk can increase your sales dramatically.


01:13 How Daniel started his sales journey, from not being hired to being successful through perseverance

07:20 Prospects are smart and can see through your game, how to get past that

10:08 Why mastering your emotions and feelings in sales professions and not the other way around

13:06 Daniel's Inverted Triangle method and why it matters

17:11 The most elite sellers make it about their prospects more than themselves and listen more than they speak

30:02 Final thoughts and how to connect with Daniel


06:23 "I think so many times in sales, we don't have the confidence in what we're doing in ourselves ... we get stressed out or we hit that rut or dry spell for a week or two weeks and we lose our confidence and we go into that flight or fight mode and the next thing you know guess what? Those bad habits come out."

07:56 "People think you have to be great in the beginning, all you gotta do is believe in yourself and your product. And the rest will feed off of that."

09:27 "Your brain is a VCR, your face is a TV, and whatever's playing on your VCR is gonna play on your face and they can see that, and we think they can't but they can."

15:33 "People try to sell without bringing value, right? The marketplace is gonna play Collin based on the value he brings. It's a give and take. You can't deliver a $100 worth of value and expect somebody to pay you a $1000, it doesn't work that way."

19:42 "If you did most of the talking the conversation then good chance you aren't getting that deal."

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[00:00:00] In the world of sales, you either sink or swim or breakthrough to the next level. My name's Colin Mitchell. And this is sales transformation, a new kind of sales show designed to bring you through the epic life-changing moments of elite sellers. So you can experience your own sales transformation.

[00:00:25] All right. Welcome to another episode of sales transformation. And as always, you know, that we have a fantastic guest for you today, today, I've got Daniel Gomez. He's an award-winning business coach. Uh, Daniel is an award-winning keynote speaker business coach, executive coach, corporate trainer and podcast of the year recipients.

[00:00:45] So there's a lot to unpack in that. We're going to dig into his story where he started in sales and some of his own transformations. Uh, Daniel, thanks so much for coming on. Welcome to the show and call it. I've had this on my calendar for the [00:00:59] last three weeks. So I'm excited. Add value to your audience fan and thank you for having me.

[00:01:03] I'm just, I grabbed an extra red bull just for you, man. I hope you have another one close by because this is going to be a good one. I can already tell. Well, let's do it, man. I'm excited. Look, I actually, I, I put it in the super cup that way. I'm ready for you. All right. So tell us Daniel, like where did it all start for you?

[00:01:24] What was your first sales job, or even like, you know, before that, if you want to, um, what were you doing? How did you get into it? And let's take it. You know, when I graduated from high school, I had a job, had a choice. I could go work at a, at a warehouse, grocery store warehouse, or I could have gone. And I, this other company called planning, Interscapes, we should do interior landscaping.

[00:01:48] And I actually brought a hundred dollars man to go buy some still toes because I went for the boat to interviews. The plant company was lingering. They didn't want to hire me. And they ended up hiring somebody [00:01:58] else. They just didn't take. And I went to this hotel analogy is discouraged. Cause I could see the logo of the girl and said that was supposed to be my job.

[00:02:06] I said, well, let's just suck it up. I didn't have the money for this still till so I was, I borrowed that I was literally, I'm a founding member goes, you gotta pay me the money back though. I was like, yeah. 'cause then the, in a warehouse he had, they were still till, so as I'm making my way to go by the steel toes, the lady calls me back from the plant company.

[00:02:22] He goes, Hey, man. Um, we want to bring you back for another interview. And I'm thinking in my mind where I just saw y'all by the, we could go with the hotel where the girl, they hired quit. And, um, and I had a a hundred dollars. I said, well, I need gas money. So I told my family gave me two weeks. Like I got hired over here at the plant company.

[00:02:41] I worked my way up. And next thing you know, I never knew that. Column that these hotels and Marriotts, the Hiltons, these big malls, they have interior landscaping and people paid thousands of dollars for this. So as I worked my way up [00:02:57] here in this plant company, we started doing these houses at the dominion where David Robinson lives, George straighten lives.

[00:03:03] And we would go into these houses and they would have like 20, 30 feet, six. And I just remember saying one day, Hey, Colin, you know, so-and-so bought a plan over there and it looked pretty nice in that corner. I see yours is kind of bare and I wasn't even a salesperson. And she goes, what did you say? I said, yeah, the lady down the street, um, Ms.

[00:03:24] Richard bought a plant from us and I think it might look good in a corner. She goes, send me a proposal. Little did I know that there was a competition in the Navy? Well, I got back to the office. I told her, Hey man, I see this lady wants to buy this plan. And I, she goes good. Cause you know what, Daniel go get the order form and I'll show you how to fill it out.

[00:03:43] And I said, are you sure? He goes, yeah. He goes, have you talked to anybody to do the order? It goes, now it goes, so the owner was cool with me. So I did this order form, turned it in and then I'm looking at it. And I'm like, dude, like, [00:03:56] I didn't say this to the owner, but I said to myself, I said, dude, this sitting in a bar.

[00:04:01] It was a 21 inch on tree rapist, Palm tree from Hawaii, what the pot with everything, $10,000. So I fax it over and I said, well, I guess I'll just wait. Next thing you know, they call me Daniel fax the fax machine. So I went and got it. She signed it like within 10 minutes, next thing, you know, a month passes by and the owner goes, Hey man.

[00:04:24] And he goes, did we, did we installed that? Why didn't you turn in your commission voucher? I was like, what are you talking about? He goes, yeah, he goes, you could paid for that. I was like, for what he goes for that Palm tree dude, it was a $500 commission for a $10,000 Palm tree. Guess what I was doing every day after that, man.

[00:04:41] I mean, you know, you know, it just kind of barrel. We hear, what do you think? And I wasn't even, I was, I was, I was, I was considered a service manager where we would go out there and just check on the accounts. But, um, man, I just started making recommendations and I learned there real quickly. [00:04:55] Recommend things.

[00:04:56] People are more open to them. That was the beginning of my sales career. So I was a recommended fool. And then it was just awesome because it just happened organically and everywhere I go, I'd be like, you know what? Maybe you need some color there. Right? Colors, flowers. If you meet some, you need some color in your entrance.

[00:05:12] You know what? That's a great idea. So before you know it, I was, I was making Polly, just commission and I wasn't even commission-based, but I was making probably about $2,000 on average a month just to commissions plus myself. Which I wasn't, you know, I still have my full salary. So little by little man, I just said, I need to learn how to do this even more.

[00:05:30] And I just, I get that gave me the confidence to go out there and recommend whatever I could to everybody. And I was a recommending person, man. You know, the thing that I love about that is that you were genuinely recommending something that you thought was beneficial. You didn't even know you were going to get a.

[00:05:52] No. Like I really didn't. I [00:05:54] was an E I mean, right. I've grown since then, but to me, that plant was more than the car I was driving. Right. I think at that time I bought a 92 S 10 or a 93 yesterday. And my card, it costs me $8,900. And this, they didn't have a 10,900 pot wild, but you know, to them, it just, it just was nothing that was a drop in the bucket.

[00:06:18] And it really opened my mind. I looking back now, call it. I've been there in the dominion with George Strait and being in their houses and all these other multi-millionaires I got to experience and see inside of these masks. And it really helped me. It gave me the confidence to go to any other building or any other facility and just say, Hey.

[00:06:41] You need to put this Palm here tree, because I had already, right. This was the lead where it was like 10,000 for a plan over here. We're talking about a thousand or 2000. So I would ask for the business easier because it gave me the confidence to say, [00:06:53] Hey, these people said yes to me before. Why wouldn't they say yes to me here?

[00:06:56] And I think so many times in sales, we don't have the confidence in what we're doing in ourselves. Right. Because before. Before they buy any product or they buy any service or buying common Mitchell, they're buying Daniel Gomez and that's what they're buying it. So many times we don't, we don't remember that.

[00:07:12] Right. We get stressed out or we get, we hit that road where we hit that dry spot for a week or two weeks and we lose our confidence and then we go into that light mode or fight. And then next thing you know, We started those bad habits come out. And when you in sales, you've got to win. And one of the best ways to win is you got to walk in that confidence that you have inside of you.

[00:07:33] Yeah. And people can see when you lack the competence or you don't say something with conviction. And on the flip side, they can also see like, Hey, is, is Daniel. Really recommending this because there's a big fat commission or is Daniel recommended this because he genuinely thinks that this, uh, you know, in this [00:07:52] case, this plants could look good here.

[00:07:53] You know? So, you know, prospects are, are smart. People are smart. They can see through like, Hey, are you generally giving me good sound recommendations? Um, or, you know, are you just trying to be smooth and, and land a sale here so they can see through that stuff. Um, and when you say things with conviction and with complex, You say it in a much different tone, there's different body language, there's eye contact, all of these small details that matter where somebody can really, you know, believe that, Hey, what Daniel's saying is I can trust that.

[00:08:27] It's a good sound advice. Yes. And, and I love what you're saying because people think you have to be great in the beginning, or you got to do it just believe in yourself, empathy with your product and the rest they'll feed off of that. And maybe when you make a recommendation, you really don't have to persuade them because you're saying it's, this is what I'm doing.

[00:08:49] I'm selling from my heart. [00:08:51] And really just, they see the best interest that you have for. That's what I would do. And I, I still do that. Right. I still try to, I think one thing that I, when I, when I go, but tell me, be successful as a small business owner is really just say, Hey, I know I can help you. I know we can help you.

[00:09:05] I know our team can help you. We're going to solve your problem. And I think so many times when you, when you focus on the product and not the result that the product is given you as a service. I think that's where Mo most sales professionals are account executives. They mess up because they, they, they try to sell the facts instead of focusing on the result.

[00:09:24] And, and one thing to what you just said, right? I, I, when you said it, when you described that person, you picture somebody having fun and just like, Hey, let's have a good time. And you kind of like, wow, like you swipe them off there. And it's a, it's a good, it's a good thing. But I think when you go on there and make you take it so seriously, and me and you were talking about this a bit earlier, you know, we have a new account executive and I'm trying to have them.

[00:09:48] I tell them, just have fun, but his [00:09:50] thought process is different than mine. So I'm trying to communicate that to them. And sometimes I think we all need to remember that at the end of the day, don't stress yourself out just to have fun because just what you said, right. I'll never forget this. Something one of my first managers told me is right, this is I'm giving my age away here.

[00:10:08] Your brain is a VCR. Your face is a TV and whatever's playing in your VCR is going to play on your face. And it can see that. And we think that they can, but they can. So what's playing in your DVD player, what's playing in your D and you and your CD player in your, and your receipt or whatever you're using nowadays.

[00:10:30] What's playing in our brain. Because it's been seen and your prospects, your potential clients, they can see it. And even your customers, they can see it. And you have to remember that. And if you're just having a bad day, guess what? You got to suck it up. And that's where you got to rise above. One thing that I'll say is one thing that I learned really, [00:10:49] really young as a, as a, as a sales professional is you gotta master your emotions.

[00:10:54] You gotta master your feelings. And so many times we allow our feet. To control us. We allow our emotions to control us, and then we wonder why we spiral up and we spiral down and we have a great day and a bad day or a good month in a bad month. And I can say when I was in automotive industry, that I was on the track, sending cars, I never had a bad month.

[00:11:13] Never did I always, you know, I ended up, I ended up my career selling cars. I average about 22 cars. Which is great. And I wasn't lucky. It was just the fact that everything, I was like a sponge and I learned from everybody, I took what there was to me. And then I applied that in, in, in my business that I do now.

[00:11:32] And this, I guess, what if I need to make a sell, just make one more call. I'm tired, but you gotta make one more time. And people will appreciate that. Right? I caught it. Instead of saying one more set, one more rep in the gym. I said, one more, dial, one more call, one more, dial, one more call. And sooner or [00:11:48] later you're going to come across that window.

[00:11:49] It's it's a, it's a numbers game at times. And you just got to remember that and walking that authority that you have as an accounting, as an account executive, as a sales professional, I think so many times, like you said, we don't, we don't, they don't see that conviction. They don't see that in. They don't see that passion of what we're doing.

[00:12:05] And then we wonder, then we, then we, then we try to say this. They were just being flaky. They weren't really thinking about buying. They didn't want, they didn't want anything. And they did you just, you as a turn off. Yeah. Yeah. Uh, can you, can you take a moment to just explain to us what a VCR is? Not?

[00:12:25] I got mine right here and just to break that down, cause I love that analogy. Um, and, and what it's tells me is like, you know, your what's your mindset. Is going to affect your attitude, right? So do you have a negative mindset, right? Like, Hey, the leads suck, delete, suck, delete, suck. You [00:12:47] know, my ma I hate my manager.

[00:12:48] I hate my manager. Hey, ladies, at the tape that you're playing, um, is because that negativity is going to affect your attitude. And if your attitude, if your thoughts are negative, your attitudes is going to be negative. And then your interaction with your prospects, new customers are gonna be. And you're going to get negative results, right?

[00:13:05] So you really got to shift. And I think the reason that that ends up being the case for a lot of people, especially if they're like early in their sales journey is because they focus on the wrong thing. Right. And they have. The wrong expectations, right? So they're focusing on like, Hey, I need a book, a meeting, and they need to book a meeting.

[00:13:28] I need to book a meeting. I need to book a meeting. I need to get a deal. I need to get a deal. I need to get a demo book, whatever the case is when you can't control. All you can control is how many activities you do and how you show up in those activities. And the goal is just to have conversations. I don't [00:13:46] know if Daniel's a good prospect for me.

[00:13:47] I don't know. But the goal is to have a conversation and find out yeah, it's in it. I love what you're talking about because I call it the inverted triangle. And what do I mean by the inverted triangle? Just imagine we have two triangles, right? One triangle is upside down. One goes like this. And then on the bottom you go down and you have a regular triangle.

[00:14:07] So just say, I'll start on top of registration, right? You have a triangle Verde, then you have your regular triangle. And most of us, we try to sell on the lower triangle, which is totally going to cost you your revenue, your gross, everything. When you go with the inverted triangle, right? If the top percent that's rapport.

[00:14:28] Sales process and then to close. And so many times we want to shortcut the rapport building, but if you make that initial investment on top, right? If you're top heavy on rapport, fact-finding however you want to call that at first initial it, the investigation time [00:14:45] back, finding time when you build a report for at least 25 to 30 minutes up front with your client and just talk about it and make them a friend.

[00:14:53] Well then guess what? The sales process is easier. And then the club. You started at closing them on, on top. But so many times we want to build rapport for two minutes and then you go into like the sales pitch and then the close is an hour because you didn't have made that initial investment on top. So I highly recommend your audience starts selling the inverted triangle, building rapport, talking about your client, right.

[00:15:16] Find out what their hot buttons are. And people say, well, what are Hopkins is like, yeah. So many times we think that what we're offering them is, is. What can I say, we want to sell the same way to everybody and you can, Collin has a happen. Daniel has a habit. Other prospects have a hot button. And if I can't sell Colin Daniel's Hopkins.

[00:15:37] Cause if not, you're going to be like, I don't need that. But so many times you make the mistake and we try to do that for everybody. It's not a one for [00:15:44] all. What did it take? Right? What do you want this product to do? What do you want the service to do for you? And when you approach it from. Aspect, the client's going to tell you exactly what you need to do to help them out.

[00:15:54] And when you, when you do it from a sincere place, like you said, like, no, you know what, this is good. Daniel doesn't want to help me. And I that's, that's the way I try to approach it. Um, I don't have a lot of, I can site hold on. I don't want to say this area me, but I've never struggled with leads cause I've never needed a lot of leads.

[00:16:12] You know? I think, I think our closing percentage is pretty high and not because we're some king Kong, but it's just because. Right. The people that attract to us are our client base. First of all, and in the second of all is, Hey, this is a value we give you. And I think we bring value to the table. And I think so many times people try to sell without bringing value, right?

[00:16:32] The marketplace is going to pay Collin based on the value he brings. The marketplace is going to pay Daniel the value he brings to the marketplace. It's it's a given. You can [00:16:43] deliver a hundred dollars worth of value and expect somebody to pay you a thousand dollars. It doesn't work that way, but if you deliver a thousand dollars with the value, you guess what?

[00:16:51] You're going to get a thousand dollars in income back. And then if you want to raise your income, okay, I got to deliver $10,000 worth of value. The way I can get paid that 10. And I say that because when I used to speak in sales train, I will be like, man, I'm going to I'm good. Right. I thought I was, and I'm just being honest.

[00:17:07] And then I looked back and I'm like, my friend goes, dude, I wouldn't have hired you to do any social trading at all. He goes, I wouldn't have hired myself because, because it's different. When you speak, you speak, when you're speaking from stage to an audience, it's different than doing it. Say what the. Of 30 or 20 and the small intimate, and it's a different thing, but it's, you just grow into that person.

[00:17:28] You're becoming, as, as the confidence builds, your sales career builds and then your business builds and everything just builds, but everybody wants to be great in the beginning. It doesn't work that way. Common. Yeah. You got to start somewhere, but [00:17:42] I love, you know, kind of what you said there is, is, you know, building rapport and trust with your customers.

[00:17:49] And so many people skip past that because they find. They're more comfortable talking about themselves and their products and this, that, and the others and features and benefits and all of these things, your prospect doesn't even care about yet. You know, it's easy for salespeople to like skip those steps or, you know, move past them so quickly.

[00:18:09] Um, but it's really important because. You know, I've talked to a lot of salespeople. I've had tons of people on the show and the most successful, most elite sellers know how to make the conversation more about the prospect and less about them. And they listen more than they speak. Yeah. And you're right, because when I do my trainings, I say this look and it's, and they don't believe me.

[00:18:32] I said, look, the client speaks 75% of the time you speak 25% of the time. They're like, what. [00:18:41] The client speaks 75% of the time. You're directing the conversation with the quality of the questions you ask your prospect and your client. And of course, you're having fun throughout the process and you're guiding them, but you shouldn't be speaking 25% of the time.

[00:18:56] And I think this is where a lot of young salespeople, young sales professionals come in and they make a mistake. Is that a good example? And I hope that your audience takes away this from, from, from this part of the segment, is that, Hey, Hey Colin, how are you? And Condon says, oh, okay. Just real quick. Hey Colin, how you doing?

[00:19:13] You doing all right. I'm doing horrible. You gotta be playing. If you ask that question, you gotta be prepared for the answer. Usually they say, Hey, you know what? I'm doing. Great. How you doing? Right. They kind of flip it back on you. And when they flip it back on you, that's what that's where. Young salespeople make a mistake because I say, how are you doing caught?

[00:19:36] And you say, well, I'm doing great. How bout you? And then guess what? They [00:19:40] start vomiting about themselves. Exactly what you're saying, doing great. We're doing this where we just won president's club. We just signed up 52 customers. We just rolled out this new feature. And like, I'm glad you asked them, Hey, we got this thing we want you to come to.

[00:19:54] And yeah, they just, you know, the gab is not a sales. Yeah, you have to, you have to be aware when you ask your client or your prospect, how are you doing? And they say, great, how bout you? You say great. But then right away, you turn the conversation back to them. And that's where I would say over 50% of the people mess up as they keep talking about themselves.

[00:20:18] And you said they vomit all over the place and they tell them everything that they've done and they, and then next thing you know, the client's like, well, okay,

[00:20:30] And then it's easy for, and then, and then the, and then the, you know, the sales rep puts the notes in the CRM. Hey, Daniel's nice guy, very interested. [00:20:39] He asked me how I was doing. He must, he he's, he's qualified. He's a, he's a lead he's interested in, you know, and, and you know, if you did most of the talking in the conversation, uh, good chance, you're not getting that.

[00:20:56] Yes. And I mean it, and it's real. It's, that's, that's a realistic number. You speak 25% of the time. The client speaks 75% and you know, maybe you'll go 70, 30, but I think, I think he definitely, they have to be the ones talking most of the time, that way they get, they, they, one thing that I can tell you, especially on this side of the quadrant with your emotional people, Whether it's your Ruby personality or your, oh, your Sapphire.

[00:21:20] They love to talk about themselves. So when you ask them a question, you just let them speak about themselves or their kids. And they're going to love you. They're going to say Daniel is the best thing since sliced bread. And you didn't say anything or you did was that I'm talking about your family and your kids.

[00:21:32] And while you know what, I'll take it. Right. But usually we interrupt a conversation instead of letting them [00:21:38] flow in their own thing and just, okay, great. Tell me more, right. Oh, And they said themselves. Yeah. I mean, let them do most of the talking and then look for those opportunities to ask better, deeper questions, you know, frame it up.

[00:21:53] Hey, tell me more about. You know, and then let, let them go on again and, and just, you know, be sitting back, taking notes, teeing up the conversation. I mean, by that time they're so comfortable then, then you can fire off some questions that are maybe more relevant to, you know, Hey, do you, you know, most, you know, most CFOs that we talked to have this particular problem.

[00:22:15] Does it, you know, do you have that problem? You know, you want to, you know, lead into those questions after there's a little bit of trust and rapport built. Um, but so many people jump into that ride right away where it feels like they're interrogating a criminal. Yeah. And I, and I, I love that you said that because one thing that I can tell you, my experiences, people don't care what I do.

[00:22:36] People [00:22:37] don't care what Collin do. They don't care what you do. They really don't and it's amazing me when we go to some of these events and people introduce themselves and, oh, I'm this and that and that, and this. And I'm like, you know what? You, you lose people at that inter at that, at that moment, just it's about the client.

[00:22:53] It's about the people around you. And when you learn like Greg, I just came from this event, like I was telling you before we came on live, I said, Hey, my name's Daniel Gomez. And I love people. And guess what? I can help you solve your problem in life and busy. I love the chat with you. And they're like, well, what do you do, right?

[00:23:10] Then they come ask you, well, what do you do? Right. I don't tell them I'm this I'm that? I'm this I'm that? Cause it's like, I don't, I, to me when sometimes that's just more and I think if you just speak for 15, 20 seconds and you it's worked for me and I tell you what, because it's about them, not about us.

[00:23:29] So that's something I hope your honest takes away from. Yeah. Yeah. People, people don't really don't want to [00:23:36] CA people really don't care what you do, but what they do care about is what you can do for them. That's what they care about. That's what will peak their interest. That's what that's, what will get them curious.

[00:23:47] That's what will get them to say, well, Hey, tell me, tell me more about that. I, I think I need help with that, right? No, I agree. 100%. I think. When we, like we were saying earlier, when you focus on the solution, when you focus on the results, when you focus on their needs, not your needs, but their needs or their wants, because I'm only an emotional buyer.

[00:24:10] I'll be honest with you. There's times I'll go to the mall and I don't even plan on buying anything. And I just see something I like, and it's like, wow, you know what, honey, that's to get this. And I just, Sunday, we went to the mall was my birthday. And I didn't need glasses, but I wanted some new sunglasses and I ended up buying two pairs that I need two pairs.

[00:24:25] No, but the guy goes, well, we got these other ones too. And I was like, you know, let me just say both of them. Why not? It's my birthday, but it's just when they provide that customer [00:24:35] service and, you know, they, they, they got it down. Right. Did take out both, both pairs and they can appreciate that because I know what it's like when, when I go out there, uh, we go out there and train or speed.

[00:24:47] You know, we, we offer our services and I always try to go above and beyond. You've got you have right in this moment, right now, codon as an account executive sales professional, you have to go above and beyond and you have to go above and beyond the call of duty. And if you don't, then people are going to pass you up.

[00:25:04] Because right now, the way the world's set up is they want to be taken care of and the ones that are going to really succeed in business. In sales right now as a ones that go the extra mile. And if you're not used to going the extra mile, well, you're not going to make it happen. It's not going to work for you because people exp it's an expectation.

[00:25:21] I actually believe that nowadays. And, and it, it breaks my heart. When, when you see people that they don't give it their full potential and it. That potential goes to waste. [00:25:34] And guess what it poisons your body has poisoned your mind because you know that you were meant for more, but you're taking those shortcuts again.

[00:25:40] And like we said earlier today, short cuts equals short paychecks and the only person you're hurting is yourself. So get your mind out of that rut. Right? Get it going and give it 120% and just really just expect to make a sell. That's. One thing too, that I think is what's really helped me. Excel is every day.

[00:25:58] There, the law of expectation says what Collin and Daniel expect, 85% of it's going to come to him, right. 85% of what you expect will happen. But the thing is, most of us don't expect anything good to happen in our lives because you've been conditioned that way since we were younger. And I'd never forget there's one account executives.

[00:26:16] He was just like, man, I don't, I don't know why he had the skill set. He was telling me he would just, man, I'm going to give up. I'm like, well, you know, what do you think is going on inside? And the more time I spent with them a week we spent on the coaching aspect is like he never expected anything good to him.

[00:26:32] His [00:26:33] mom, he was, he was, he was a younger brother and his mom always said, you know, don't outshine your brother. You know, your brother's not good at this. And so he was, had this big, old, bright future ahead of them. And the more his mom said, Hey, you know, your brother's not as good as you in basketball. So just keep it down, keep it down.

[00:26:49] And next thing you know what you're already teaching your child at that point, as he placed. So as the time arises to be great and cells, he doesn't know because his whole life has been saying, Hey, damn, your light. Don't, you know, it'd be nice to your bigger brother. Don't shine him. He's your big brother, right?

[00:27:05] Listen to him. And we wonder why so many people have these internal issues when it comes to really procrastination is because they've been taught. They've been told your whole life. Right? Another one that we've heard when we were talking. Colin. Don't get your hopes up too high, because if you don't get that job, I don't want you to be disappointed.

[00:27:23] So what are we taught? Don't get your expectations up high, because why, because then you're going to beat down and know, expect the best. You might not get that one, but [00:27:32] you really have to reprogram. We conditioned that mindset and that's something that I do in my trainings because the sales skills, somebody can have the same, the same sales skills as another person, a and B, but as a mindset is off the mindset.

[00:27:46] Isn't right. The expectations ain't right. And the truth is over 90% of people calling don't expect anything good for themselves. Wow. That's a big number and it's a lot of work to retrain your mindset. Like you really got to be very intentional and very consistent with retraining your mind, you know? And it takes a lot of work.

[00:28:10] It's not easy. Most people. Yeah. And they don't have high expectations or on the flip side, They expect nothing good to happen, or they have that negative. Self-talk where, Hey, I'm not good enough. I don't deserve that. It's not going to happen. And they focused on that and that's what they attract. And of course that's what happens.

[00:28:26] So then it's like they, they have this, you know, [00:28:31] condition of thinking that way and this proof based on their experience to back up that that's true because that's the way they've always been. Yes. It's funny. You say that, right? Because you just thought I'm going to get this at all. I'm going to get to sit a paper out that way.

[00:28:48] They can see it. This, do you see if it's here? I don't. Oh, here it is. Right. I did this for a client because he wasn't getting it. So it's like, right. Your belief system. Determined the attitude of the day. Right? So if your belief system is sales is isn't for me, you're not going to have the right attitude when it comes to sales.

[00:29:05] So the actions that you take, ain't going to be worth any good. The results are going to be, guess what I think in sales, it just reaffirmed my belief, but your belief helps your approach. If you have the right belief, if you say, you know what? I am a closing machine, I am a monster on the phone. Do you approach is going to be, I'm going to sell somebody today on the phone, right?

[00:29:23] I'm going to, I'm going to close with you today. That's going to be your radish. But when you resolve to just validate your belief and [00:29:30] it's just a vicious circle. So the whole thing is this cycle right here, you got to elevate it to the belief system that you are a winner. You are a champion, you are bringing value to the marketplace that you can do whatever you do.

[00:29:41] But nothing's going to change, like you said, until you have the right belief system, and then that's when you start making that extra phone call, that's when you start making that extra visit to those potential prospects, right. Those clients that are out there, that's what it's about because you take those actions that you normally wouldn't take.

[00:29:56] So I would say this is if you really want to change your outcome in sales, no matter what you're selling right now, you got to go to your bathroom mirror right here on your bathroom mirror. I'm going to, this is kind of just a little industry. These are the affirmations is when I walk in my office, I have these, I told myself these every single morning, right.

[00:30:13] I will like now I will greet this day with love and I have a million. I have, I have million dollars in assets. Right. I don't think small, I think big, but I think so many times we don't set our mindset up. Right. And I have some of these same. Another 20 affirmations or 25 [00:30:29] in my, on my bachelor, in my mirror.

[00:30:32] So why, because you got to reframe that cognitive thinking and the first 20 minutes you wake up every single day are crucial cotton. And that's the time that you're still in that dream state. When you look in that bathroom mirror and you say those affirmations, first thing it's subconsciously it reprograms your mindset.

[00:30:52] Yeah.

[00:30:55] The mindset is huge, and that is how you can retrain it to have a positive mindset to get positive results, you know, and without that, I don't care how good you are on the phone or with your closing or negotiation skills. If you don't have that energy, that conviction, that confidence, that positive mindset, you're not going to get great results.

[00:31:19] Daniel. Thanks so much for coming on. This was a lot of fun and time went by so quick. It's like the only time we all come home. [00:31:28] Uh, so I think we might have to have you back for round two at some point, I think, but, uh, any final thoughts, where can people connect with you? What's the best place for them to find you all that good stuff?

[00:31:40] What are we going to include in the show notes for them? Yeah. As a matter of fact, please reach out to me. My brand is Daniel Gomez and spot. And I love people. And our coaching has showed the fit coach and you can go to WW dot Daniel Gomez, That's Daniel Gomez, Fill out our assessment there for entrepreneurs.

[00:31:58] Have you need help with. I love to bless you with the 45 minute complimentary discovery session. No cost to you. Just for me being here on self-transformation that's WW dot Daniel Gomez, and the assessments are from entrepreneurship. I'd love to help you get your business up and right. Or send us a message there through our contact page.

[00:32:17] And like I said, he can follow me on all social media is under Daniel. Goldman's inspires and really what I want to leave him with. This is, you know, there's nothing in this world that [00:32:27] you can not do once you make the decision to do it. Once you, once you say whether you're male, female, whatever, whatever you're selling.

[00:32:35] And when you decide in your mind that you're unstoppable, You're going to be unstoppable and you need to tell yourself I am a Southern machine. I am a stopper. I am unstoppable. I am a cozy machine. And I want to tell you right now, no one's ever told you. They believe in you. This is Daniel. Goleman's inspires sending you right now.

[00:32:50] I believe in you go out there and make it happen. Stop having that pity party become resilient and make this your day. Today is your day. Somebody is going to make it happen. Why not? There we go. We'll end on a high note. We'll include those links in the show notes for you. Please take Daniel Gomez up on that complimentary session.

[00:33:12] I'm sure you know, it will be extremely beneficial for you wherever you are. Uh, you know, and you need this a little bit of help getting unstuck, take them up on that offer. We'll drop the link in the show notes. If you enjoyed today's episode, [00:33:26] please write us a review, share the show with your friends. It really does help us out.

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