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Sept. 29, 2021

#160 S2 Episode 29 - Be Customized To Win Larger Deals

On this solo episode of the Sales Transformation Podcast with Collin Mitchell, he's going to share with you just how exactly to customize yourself in order to win larger deals. The do's and dont's, as well as other things you should be aware of especially in the world of sales.

By following how Collin does his deals and giving prospects the opportunity to choose their own path would make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. All this and more on this episode!

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00:09 How to be customized to win larger deals, follow these steps and make it your sales bible

03:43 The right time to get back to prospects or leads with the right mindset, strategy, and options to move forward

05:15 Why Collin prefers prospects choosing their own path


00:27 "Now this can start at the very beginning of the sales process. And it looks like not using templated email messages provided to you by your manager or by the marketing department. Not sending generic DM's on LinkedIn. Be customized from the very beginning to stand out from everybody else that's making noise."

01:43 "Stand out, use unique messaging, find ways to personalize, find some relevant things that you could tie in on what their initiatives are, the content that they're putting out, or the things that they are talking about to get the conversation going."

04:08 "Give some unique opinions that feel specific to them."

04:19 "Prospects don't want to feel like you're trying to force them into a box, which looks like, 'hey we offer package A B and C. Based on what you told me I think B would be best for you.'"

06:04 "I like it to make it easy for my prospects to say, 'Hey it's not a fit, I'm not interested. We're gonna park this.' Because nobody wants to spin their wheels and people don't like to let you down. So if you make it easy for them to also just say 'No, we're not moving forward.' That's gonna save you a ton of time and is also gonna make you standout from everybody else who is high pressure..."

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[00:00:00] In the world of sales, you either sink or swim or breakthrough to the next level. My name's Colin Mitchell, and this is sales transformation, a new kind of sales show designed to bring you through the epic life-changing moments of elite sellers. So you can experience your own sales transformation.

[00:00:24] Uh, Ray, welcome to another episode of sales transformation. Today is going to be a solo episode where I'm going to talk a little bit about how to be customized. To win larger deals. This is something that I had to learn through experience. And there's a few things that I want to share with you that they can help you to get more customized in your sales process to ultimately win larger deals.

[00:00:50] Now this can start at the very beginning. Of the sales process and it looks like not using template ID, [00:00:59] email messages provided to you by your manager or by the marketing department. Uh, not sending generic DMS on LinkedIn, be customized from the very beginning to stand out from everybody else. That's making noise.

[00:01:15] Do things like use video, you know, you guys know if you've been listening for a while, I'm a big fan of video card. I use video card as much as I can all throughout the sales process, when I'm prospecting after discovery. When I recommend strategy to break down a proposal, I use video at all stages of the sales process, which is an easy way to stand out.

[00:01:37] Unique compared to what they're used to seeing from everybody, everybody else, um, which is typically a template proposal, a template, an email, you know, you really gotta step it up and not be lazy. If you want to win larger deals and you takes a [00:01:58] little bit of extra work. In different stages of the sales process to accomplish this.

[00:02:03] So let's back up the very beginning when you're prospecting stand out, use unique messaging, find ways to personalize, find some, some relevant things. If you could tie in to what their initiatives are, the content that they're putting out, or the things that they're talking about. To get a conversation going.

[00:02:20] Um, and that's always the goal with prospecting, get a conversation going. I don't know if you know, anybody that I reach out to is interested in what I do, or they have a problem that I can solve, but the goal is to just get a conversation started to see if we can find that out together. All right. So that's number.

[00:02:37] All right. Number two is be customized with your discovery. Okay. Don't have a set of band questions that you ask that feels like an interrogation, uh, with a criminal, right? So don't just go through a series of questions to check some boxes, to get to the next [00:02:57] stage. This is an easy way to lose. The attention of your prospect to ruin your chances of building that trust and rapport as equals, uh, to go on this journey together.

[00:03:09] All right. So, you know, find unique ways to uncover things, come up with customized questions to drive the conversation forward, to challenge your prospect. This is a big one, the best way that you can earn the trust. Of your prospect is to challenge them to think a little bit differently. Now that doesn't mean telling them that they are wrong and you are right, but challenge their thinking a little bit, make them think about something that they haven't considered or give them.

[00:03:42] Turn it of opinion to what they think is right. And there's a lot of different ways, and this is way too dynamic to go deep on. But that's the type of mindset and thinking that you want to have in those dynamic conversations, in your discovery, [00:03:56] rather than having a set questions that need to get answered, because itemize in your discovery process.

[00:04:03] And after your discovery, you know, make sure the timing is key of getting back to them with the information, with the notes, with the next steps, with the recommended strategy, uh, with some options to move forward. Okay. And then from here, something that I like to do. Is in the pricing or proposal before you get to pricing and proposal a and you're putting together a strategy or some recommendations to then go to proposal is to give some unique opinions that feels specific to them.

[00:04:36] Right? So I'm recommending this because of this that we learned in the conversation, prospects don't want to feel like you're trying to. Forced them into a box, which looks like, Hey, we offer package a, B and C based on what you told me. I [00:04:55] think B would be best for you. And, you know, I don't know what you sell or what you do.

[00:05:00] So you might have to be customized with your pricing, uh, or have some custom pricing models or, or packages, uh, because you know, something. Is very beneficial to get more wins and also to sell higher value deals. Is your prospect feeling like what you're recommending to them is unique based on their needs.

[00:05:23] Now it's not going to be totally unique because you have a core service that you offer and problems that you solve. But, you know what you recommend my vary a little bit differently, or why you're recommending it could vary differently based on what you learned. Um, and then from there I'm a big fan of letting prospects, um, choose their path and making it easy for them to say that.

[00:05:46] As well, and there might be some people that disagree with this. Um, but you know, giving sort of like an either or close, [00:05:54] uh, still makes you feel desperate for the order. And I'm a big fan of letting your prospect choose the path, you know, option one, you know, let's go to proposal. Here's basically, here's what I've recommended.

[00:06:07] Here's some options. You know, path one is we go to proposal and I put it together based on this information, uh, option two, let's set up a next steps call with anybody else that needs involved in this conversation, or we'll be in the buying committee. And then option three is telling me to go away or my personal favorite.

[00:06:25] Tell me to take a hike. Um, I like to make it easy for my prospects to say, Hey, it's not a fit. I'm not interested. You know, we're going to park this because. Nobody wants to spin their wheels. Um, and people don't like to let you down. So if you make it easy for them to also just say, no, we're not going to move forward.

[00:06:43] That's going to save you a ton of time. It's also going to make you stand out from everybody else. Who's just high pressure trying to close the deal and get it to the next stage. And [00:06:53] it's also going to show a level of confidence that you, you know, that they actually know. Your solution more than you need their business.

[00:07:01] All right. So there's some tactical ways at different stages of the selling process to be customized with how you interact with your prospects. Hope this was helpful. If you enjoyed today's episode, please write us a review, share the show with your friends, and we're always listening for your feedback.

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