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Sept. 6, 2021

#144 S2 Episode 13 - From Commission Only Rep to Many Successful Ventures with Donnie Boivin

On this episode of the Sales Transformation Podcast with Collin Mitchell he's joined with Donnie Boivin, who owns his own podcast called Growth Mode, founder of Success Champion Networking, and Success Champion Podcast.

Donnie is just one of the successful stories within the Sales Transformation podcast that discovered his love for sales and how it was able to change his life for the better. How he made his first successful sale from a "fluke" to discovering the secrets of how he does sales uniquely.

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02:16 Transitioning to the marine corps to sales, and why?

05:31 Donnie's 20-year experience doing straight commission sales and how it changed his life

10:55 How to effectively teach and immediately apply knowledge towards cold calling in sales

24:36 An example of making your own podcast that doesn't talks about everyday life than transitions to more business opportunities

30:48 How to learn from Donnie Boivin himself and connect with him


04:31 "Literally on a complete fluke, I learned that if you just become a human, you can sell."

10:04 "I was lucky enough to grow up in a training environment that I couldn't teach unless I sold. So if I was out actively selling and keeping my skills sharp, there was nobody to teach."

13:53 "If I get on a call with somebody, I'm not holding anything back. I'm gonna tell them every single thing that I think that they can benefit from to let them make a decision and what happens in most cases is you frontload it with so much value that they're like you know, this is clearly somebody I want to work with."

14:23 "Sales is just a conversation, right? When you sit across somebody, you need to pour so much into them that even if you decide not to do business, they walk away going holy hell that was one of the best conversations I ever had."

28:10 "Podcasts puts a voice to my brand. I can talk like how I talk to the people I want to talk to and tell them any story that I wanna tell. And when you can just put that klnd of information out there, you really build a trust factor with the people that are into your style of talking and the way you carry."

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[00:00:00] In the world of sales, you either sink or swim or breakthrough to the next. My name's Colin Mitchell, and this is sales transformation, a new kind of sales show designed to bring you through the epic life-changing moments of elite sellers. So you can experience your own sales transformation.

[00:00:24] Welcome to another episode of sales transformation. And as always we've had. Awesome guests lined up for you today. Uh, today's episode is with Donny Bhagavan and he has a podcast called growth mode. He's a very successful podcast, or he got his start knocking on doors after he got out of the military.

[00:00:43] Wasn't sure what he was going to do. Um, got into sales kind of by accident. Uh, his story is very interesting how he got some success, uh, in that role. Uh, and then he moved up. In sales and eventually, [00:00:59] uh, had a long stint at Sandler training where he did a lot of great work. And now he's a success coach and has several successful ventures.

[00:01:08] So really hope you enjoy the learning lessons that we pulled out of Donny story today in today's episode, Dani, welcome to sales transform. Hey, thanks brother. I'm excited to eat. I do. I love hanging out with you every time you do not talk. We seem to have a fun conversation and we usually end up geeking out about podcasting, just cause, you know, when you're into it, as much as we are and you can't help, but talk about all the new whiz bangs and gadgets and gizmos.

[00:01:30] So I know, and there's just too damn many to keep track of. Right. Um, it feels like there's a new podcasting tech, something every other day. And you know, the one thing that is wearing me out, and then we can talk about whatever is the, the number of places that are trying to become a directory. Um, that wants you to put through your podcast on there.

[00:01:55] And I'm like, look, man, I'm already going to tell them that [00:01:58] they can listen to it on apple, Spotify, Google, you know, wherever it is, you know, I'm not going to send them to whatever your next thing is. Um, No, I'm not, you guys go do the heavy lifting there. I'm doing mine. And if they really were smart, they could figure it out on their own.

[00:02:15] For sure. Without asking skin you. Um, but, uh, but yeah, I mean, so let's, let's just start with your story. So after the Marine corpse, you're. What the heck do I do next and why? You know, why sales? Well, you know, it's funny and I love telling people how I got into sales. So when, when, when I got out of the Marine Corps, I was lucky enough to have a job with my best friend and his old man.

[00:02:40] Um, and I was the grind, right? So I was a guy climbing under the houses up in the attics in Texas miserable. And I was getting ready to quit because I hated it. And so technically my first rule out of the Marine Corps was to be this grenade for this heating and air conditioning [00:02:57] company. And Jerry, the guy who owned a place, man, he could see me common.

[00:03:01] As soon as I got a truck, he's like, oh, you're going to quit. Aren't you? I'm like, damn right. I'm going to quit. I'm done with this. And he goes, hold on, before you quit, I want you to try something for me. I'm like, all right, what. Uh, he goes, you're going to try sales. I'm like, what the hell is sales? He goes, I'm going to hand you a stack of brochures.

[00:03:17] I'm going to drop you off in a neighborhood and you're going to go knock on doors. I said, okay, then what? He goes, well, if they let us come in and look at their unit and we sell something, then I'll pay you a commission. Okay. I don't have to climb an addicts or under houses and shit. He goes, no, I'm like, cool, fuck it.

[00:03:33] I'm in, I'll try that. And he goes, and he goes, but I'm not paying you unless we sell. So I'm like, I don't care. You know, at the time I was living with a buddy, I had no real bills or anything, you know, so I had nothing to freaking lose. So I went in the door now. My first funny sale and how I figured out how to door knock sale is I knock on this lady's house and she opens the door [00:03:56] and I go ma'am, I'm sorry.

[00:03:57] I know I'm a door to door sales guy. Forgive me for that, but I didn't pack any water today. Can I just get a glass last, a water. It's hot as hell out here. She goes, oh honey, come on in. So she brings me in her house and she gives me glass of water. She goes, okay, well, you're in my house. You might as well.

[00:04:10] Tell me what you do. And I walk her through it. She goes, oh, well, tell your boss to come up. So Jerry comes over and we ended up working on our unit and I made a few bucks, dude, every house afterwards, knock on the door and go, man, I forgot to pack water in my truck. Cause I get, and then every other one you're like, Hey, you know, I drank a ton of water and I use your toilet.

[00:04:32] Yeah. There was definitely a lot of piss breaks during that point. But, but yeah, I mean literally on a complete fluke, um, I learned that if you just become a human, you, you can see. Yeah. People, people like helping people and they're like, you know, and this poor kid he's out here, you know, busting his butt, you know?

[00:04:54] Yeah, sure. [00:04:55] Come on in. I'll give you some water. I don't know if people are that nice these days. They'd probably be like, no, I mean, you might be right. You might be right. But maybe it depends. I mean, I think in general people are good people, man. I mean, um, I think. We as a society have painted people as assholes when in truth.

[00:05:17] I mean, if you turn off the social, you turn off the media, you turn off the noise and you sit down and have a cocktail with somebody they're usually generally good people. You just got to get past all the fluff and the BS that they're showing to the world. Well, I think the key there, as you said, you have a cocktail, right?

[00:05:34] I mean, everything better. So, uh, all right. So how long did you do that door knocking? How, I mean, I mean, going down drinking glasses of water and getting paid, I spent 20 years in straight commission sales. Um, so, so I did went from [00:05:54] HVHC. I did that for two years. We grew that company from about a $300,000 company to a $3 million company.

[00:06:01] Um, and then I was recruited up to St. Louis and I sold pharmacy. Um, two pharmacy students, part of a franchise sales team there. Um, we grew that company tremendously. I got corporate downsize and a big, massive buyout by Cardinal health. Came home bartended for a couple of years. Got hired out from behind the bar to go.

[00:06:22] So commercial printing, um, for, for an organization. Cool. Fun time. That's why I tell everybody I really grew up in school. Um, and then from commercial printing, I found myself working for an organization called Sandler training and became a, ultimately a sales trainer and picked up partner in the firm before I jumped out and launched my own companies.

[00:06:44] Wow. Wow. Okay. So even when you tried to get out of sales, you got drunk. Yeah. I got drunk right back here. I mean, I guess bartending is even sales a [00:06:53] little bit too, right? I mean, you got, I mean, look, nobody raised their hand as a kid and said, I can't wait to be a sales guy. So, you know, for, for me other people, we kind of fell into sales.

[00:07:06] Um, some people spend 40 years in it and never get good at it. Um, some people, you know, find a knack and a talent into it and, you know, I just screwed up enough shit that I finally figured out how to sell and, you know, got good at it. And then found later on that. Really good at selling and teaching it. So it just has followed me everywhere.

[00:07:28] I went. What, what, what was your experience? Uh, coaching and teaching over at Sandler. So when I first went to work for Sandler, I didn't want to be a trainer. Um, and I remember the, the original interview Scott, who was my business partner later became my business partner there. Um, he looked at me and goes, look, I don't need a sales team.

[00:07:48] I need a sales guy. I'm like good, because I don't want to freaking train. [00:07:52] I just want to go sell. And it was about two years into that experience when he pulled me aside and goes, look, if you want to make more money, you're going to start training because I'm at capacity. I can't handle any more training.

[00:08:05] So that's how I became a trainer. Um, I remember my. Room. I ever tried to coach and teach in, you know, uh, I'm up in front of the room. I got to basically, I can presentation a speech I'm supposed to give. I get like 30 minutes into this hour speech and I completely freaked the fuck out. Luckily, my business partner was in there.

[00:08:24] Scott was in there. And my aunt's, God's going to take the rest from here. And I just walked out because I was so mentally freaking the fuck out. Um, um, that I didn't know what was up. And then, you know, I figured it out had a lot of fun with it later, but yeah, my first speech, I literally just left the room.

[00:08:43] Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it's, it's teaching is a lot different than, than just selling, you know, for sure. [00:08:51] You know, there's a lot of things you've got to quick on your feet. You know, you've got to be humble enough to know that. Especially in the sales game, I was teaching a lot of motherfuckers that were damn good salesman.

[00:09:03] Yeah, they were, they were strong, confident. Oh, you had to go toe to toe a little bit and have the humility to let them teach you the way they do things and then change it up. Guide and coach though, there's a lot to it. And. Not to mention just managing all the different personality types and, you know, different ways of learning and, you know, um, it's, it's a struggle for a lot of successful salespeople.

[00:09:29] They get into like managing, uh, or teaching or coaching and they think, you know, Hey, I'm great at sales. I'll be great at teaching people, you know, sales, and it's not always the case, um, because it's a whole different ball game. And, uh, and you know, like you said, [00:09:50] being able to be humble enough, uh, and be able to manage those different types of personalities and, and, um, well, and I think there's just a lot of people that are coaches and trainers and everything.

[00:10:04] Yeah. Fall down the path of I couldn't do so. I might as well teach and I was lucky enough to grow up in a, in the training environment that I couldn't teach, unless I. You know, so, so if I wasn't out actively selling and keeping my skills sharp, there was nobody to teach, you know, my business partner, he wasn't going to give me his clients.

[00:10:28] Right. Those were his clients. So I had to, to go find my own clients so I could actually coach and train. And the funny thing about that is you're teaching real stuff in a real moment. So there'll be oftentimes that have a CEO in the classroom. I'm like, remember our original coconut. When I said X he's [00:10:49] like, ah, I get it now.

[00:10:51] Yeah. You know, and it became real teaching moments, which was, um, uh, a lot of fun and led to a lot more. In depth conversations, but I was also the crazy enough guy that I would call up companies and I'd say, Hey, I bet your sales team is struggling with cold calls. And the sales manager would always be like, absolutely.

[00:11:12] So why don't we do this? Why don't you invite me? I'll come teach a cold call class, and then I will spend 30 minutes doing live dials in front of the room so they can see everything that I'm teaching put in play. And the sales manager be like, wait, you're going to do live cold calls in front of my people.

[00:11:31] I got to see them. So they pay me to come in and then I would teach for 30 minutes. And then I would literally prospect for myself, calling other people to do sales training for in front of a room full of other salespeople. So I was getting paid to prospect. It was [00:11:48] brilliant. I love doing it. I love it.

[00:11:49] It's almost, it's almost, uh, not too far off from the like, Hey, can I come in for a drink of water? Right. You're right. Well, Donny's already here. I mean, tell us more about how you can help. Um, and that was to watch people's expressions out. When I was standing in front of a room and put a phone on speakerphone, their eyes would get this big couldn't believe that I was standing there fixing to make cold calls.

[00:12:17] And you know, for me, It, it allowed me to prove that I knew what the hell I was talking about that I wasn't just making shit up. Um, and, uh, I got a lot more respect from your Mustangs inside because every sales team got that one Mustang that's out front, just crushing everybody else and is usually uncoachable, right?

[00:12:40] Because they're like, this is just how I do my thing, but that usually got them to go. Alright, maybe I can learn a thing [00:12:47] or two from this. Yeah, there, there's so many good things in this too, that I love because, um, number one, right? So your experience there at Sandler is like, okay, you can't coach people unless you can sell people.

[00:12:57] So you gotta keep your act sharp and keep selling. I know there's some leaders that, that lead that way, but there's not a ton. Um, and I think it's, I think it's a really important learning lesson because. That's the way I've always taught people is like, Hey, I'll get in the trenches with you. If we're going to test something new, I'll be right there doing it with you.

[00:13:15] It may or might not work. I don't know. I, you know, coming from a place of like, you know, really leading by example as a sales leader is less common than, than you would think. Um, and I think there's more leaders that need to roll their sleeves up. Um, so I love that part about it. Um, and then I love the piece here where you're talking about going in there and doing cold calling because so many people are.

[00:13:38] You know, scared or hold back what they do. They try to sell people on an idea and [00:13:46] more junk and failing them. Right. Rather than showing them like, Hey, the best way, you know, uh, what we do here, you know, just, I'll give you an example, you know, a sales cast, we manage podcast, right? That's what we do. We manage almost 40 shows.

[00:13:59] And if I get on a call with somebody I'm not holding anything back. I'm going to tell them every single thing that I think that they can benefit from to let them make a decision. And what happens in most cases is you front loaded with so much value that they're like, you know, this is clearly who I want to work with.

[00:14:20] And it's, it's a, it's a way to. Show them and not just tell them, um, and actually sell more without actually selling them. Oh, dude, I so love this because I tell everybody I'm like, look, man, sales is just a conversation, right? When you sit across from somebody, you need to pour so much into them that even if you decide not to do business, they walk away from that conversation going, holy hell.

[00:14:44] That was one of [00:14:45] the best conversations I've ever. Yeah. And, and I mean, for me, I don't care where I'm at. Every conversation is a sales conversation. It's never going to feel like a sales conversation because I'm just going to tell you everything that I think your company needs to be doing, or you as an individual needs to be doing.

[00:15:03] And the after effects of that is just awesome because people. Become your champion. I've had clients that have told me no, um, uh, or prospects that have told me no, and immediately introduced me to somebody else. That would be somebody that I should be talking to you, which is awesome because when you're off identically upfront and you just lay everything out, then you're not playing games.

[00:15:30] So they're not playing games and you have some great conversations. Uh, absolutely. Uh, I totally agree with that. One thing that I want to make sure people don't get mixed up. Right. So yeah, you want to front load with value [00:15:44] and not hold back anything, but make sure you're not doing all the talking, right.

[00:15:50] The vest people, you know, People to think like, Hey, this is a, this is a green light to, to just yap at people and never shut up. Cause that's not what we're saying here. Um, the best people in sales, and I think you'll agree down here. They, they listen more than they speak. Yeah. I think the greatest asset for any salesperson is the ability to ask the right questions.

[00:16:12] Yeah, because if you ask the right questions, you have no choice, but to shut up and listen. Yeah. And it's amazing. Right. All right. So I want to, I want to kind of take a little bit of a U-turn here and, uh, get a little bit back to your story. Right. So, so we kinda, you know, were left off it sort of your experience there at Sandler.

[00:16:32] And we kind of nerded out on some sales stuff there. Um, but then, you know, part of the, the bio that I didn't read. You know, uh, I think around 40, you kind of [00:16:43] decided like, Hey, I've been doing all of these great things, um, for other people, and now it's kind of start time to do something of my own. Let's let's dig into that.

[00:16:53] Yeah. So, um, I'd picked up partner inside of my Sandler tr uh, trading franchise. And really my retirement plan was going to be, to be a Sandler trainer. And I thought that was gonna be the end game. And during that time I had this epiphany that man. My entire life was being somebody else's retirement plan.

[00:17:14] And, um, I had this conversation with myself that it was either time to get in the game or stop dreaming, you know, turn off. So either get content with life or start living. And so I jumped out and launched success champions, man. And I was listening to guys like Gary V and, you know, I was listening to, uh, Jensen Cero and her books and, you know, [00:17:42] everybody made it sound like it was really easy to be a business owner.

[00:17:45] So I jumped out and really thinking that, you know, I'm a sales guy. That's pretty good at it. You know, I've had a great run, running a business. Can't be that hard. Um, let's go, well, six months into running that business. I stood in the back porch of my farm, looked at my wife and said, babe, we're about to fucking lose everything we have.

[00:18:02] Wow. I had no clue how to be a business, a business owner. I mean, for me, a CEO of a company was never seen, you know, they were kind of the wizard of Oz guys behind the curtains, um, because they were doing planning and strategy and operations. So I got caught up somewhere between. Operations and doing and not selling and what, uh, I think ultimately my.

[00:18:31] To add onto that. I was also wondering non-compete from Sandler. So I couldn't talk about sales, sales, training, sales management. The only thing I knew. So, you know, I [00:18:41] came out originally as a success coach and to this day, I don't know what the fuck is. Success coach. I love that. I freaking love that. And then, you know, I found podcasting in my, my, I was given a speech in front of our larger, uh, auditorium of people, about 400 people in the audience.

[00:19:01] And, uh, you didn't run away halfway through that one. Did you? I've done thousands of speeches. There's still times though, that that little voice in the back of your head goes, then they're all looking at you. Um, but, uh, uh, no, I, I, I walked off stage and I'm, I'm trying to catch my breath before I go out in the crowd, because you always got to work the room when you're done speaking.

[00:19:25] And this guy walks up to me. And he goes, Hey, I love your stories, your energy. I'd love you to come tell your story on my podcast. And I said, what? The fuck's a podcast, you know, this was April of 2018 and he [00:19:40] laughed and he said, it's like news talk radio. You know, you need to get out and need you talk. I'm like, oh, I can do that.

[00:19:45] Um, well I went on his podcast and the show aired two days later and one of his listeners reached out. And became a client of mine and I went, whoa, you can go on podcasts and get clients, hold my beer and watch this shit, dude. I started getting on every podcast I could find, I think, um, I had an admin go look it up.

[00:20:05] At one point I did 67 shows in the next 30 days from that moment. Um, but I was interviewed on and, uh, that started me down and I launched my first podcast success champions in may of 2018. Wow. So interesting. I would imagine there's a little easier getting booked on shows then because every single podcast wasn't getting hit up by every single person.

[00:20:28] Uh, I I've got to show right now, like growth map growth mode. We do not bring guests on that show and I still get these motherfuckers reaching out. Hey, you know, I love to bring so-and-so on your show [00:20:39] as a guest and I'm like, go do your own. We don't do guests on the show. And at first I was being really nice and try and be empathetic, but now it's just getting annoying.

[00:20:48] Yeah. Yeah. And that's a new show. Like you just started that show. When did that show start? When he grows? Um, so we launched it in may. Um, we're up to almost 50 shows now. Uh, we just launched 48 today. Okay. So you started that in may last year. May of this year, may of this year. How many episodes are you doing?

[00:21:12] A two week. Okay. Okay. All right. So, um, new episode comes out every Wednesday and Saturday, and we did that on advice from a major podcast guy. Um, because, uh, I mean, excuse me, major YouTube guy. Um, because we wanted to produce a YouTube channel. You know, in, in same time we were doing the podcast. So, um, we tell everybody we leave with video and then [00:21:38] finished with the podcast and blogs and all the hosts.

[00:21:41] Yeah. That's the thing I love. I know our listeners are probably like, oh gosh, here he goes again. But that is the one thing I love about podcasting. The single activity you can do so much. There's there's the old school. Pod-casters that like, that's not a podcast. If you're doing video and it's like, get out of here, get what the terms, man.

[00:22:02] Podcasting is whatever the heck I want it to be exactly right. My funny responses. Okay. If podcasting is not video, go tell that the Joe Rogan won't you please, you know, because Joe. The reason the show took off. So, well, it wasn't because of podcasting. It was because of videos and people realized, oh shit, they could listen to the audio version of as well.

[00:22:24] Right, right. Yeah. I love that. I'm going to have to save that one. That'll piss some people off I'm sure. Oh, well, I mean, you got give the guy props. I mean, yeah. He did the a hundred million dollar deal in [00:22:37] contract and all that, but he, he, he legitimately put in 10 years. A fucking hard bad-ass work interviewing fucking the knuckle dragging, beat the shit out of each other UFC fighters.

[00:22:51] And you know, the guy put in this time, I'm extremely proud of how that all worked out for him. Yeah. No, everybody who starts to show wants to be Joe Rogan tomorrow. So when I first got into podcasting, everybody wanted to be guy Raz. Right. You know, And, and the, how I built this and you talk to people and like, I'm watching it, how I built this style show.

[00:23:11] I'm like, well, why don't you want your own fucking stylist show? You know? Um, and then, uh, business wars was a really big thing for the while. And you know, now it's kind of back to Joe, um, unless you're, you're doing one of these serial stuff. Podcast where you're trying to do the storytelling. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:23:31] Those are really high production to mean. Um, and they dropped those in like [00:23:36] series, you know, um, which, which is interesting, but I mean, I think. I think the big one big misconception with podcasting is I think a lot of people think like I need to be this status, this level, or this particular thing. Like I need to be a coach.

[00:23:53] I need to be entrepreneur. I need to be this to have a show. And I think that's a load of crap. Like anybody can have a show. It's not that difficult to get started. Um, if you, especially, if you're in sales man, like having a show is the best thing you could do for your social media, your personal brand building high-quality relationships.

[00:24:12] I mean, there's just, I'm going to give you the greatest example that I've, I've actually had the pleasure of flying around the country, speaking a lot about podcasting. And I even did a, a city tour in Ireland on it as well. And I always use this example when I talk about podcast. Every financial advisor under the sun should launch a podcast.

[00:24:32] The reason being is because nobody wants to fucking talk to [00:24:35] a financial advisor, right? If you're at a networking event or something, and a financial advisor walks up to you, like, fuck, here we go. And so, so what I tell all of the financial advisors is you need to start a pilot. And that has nothing to do with finance, you know?

[00:24:50] So I don't give a startup podcast on fly fishing. Right? Yeah. Whatever you geek out on, you know, start that podcast. Don't give a shit. If anybody listens to it, don't give a shit about the downloads. Don't give you 100% reach out to every CEO in town that has some sort of connection to fly fishing. And say, Hey, I'd love to interview you on my show about fly fishing.

[00:25:14] It is the best freaking ice breaker business development tool in the world. Now they might say what the fucks fly fishing, but sure. I'll come on, but should they have an interest? So I'll tell you an interesting, uh, thing here. Uh, one of our clients are financial advisors and they have a show in they're interviewing successful.[00:25:34] 

[00:25:34] Period, that's it. Um, they're getting a kick out of it. They're having a ton of fun. They're fully committed. Now th the, the only little hiccup with, and maybe it's a good thing with financial advisors is they're very limited in what they can talk about, which is a good thing, because then they can't talk about what they do, but it's usually it's high quality networking.

[00:25:55] Something interesting happens. On a podcast. When you get people talking about themselves and you connect with them on a pretty deep level, and you get to know interesting things about them, that you would have never found out in any sort of. You know, local networking event or, you know, some phony fake, Hey, let's connect and support each other, you know, from, from conversation on LinkedIn, DM, uh, or whatever.

[00:26:22] It's like, you get to know people in a pretty deep level and connect with them and add value and invite them on your planet. It's the best way you can add value and build high quality relationships. 100%, [00:26:33] man. And you know, when people don't know. Is the value in the pre-show conversation and the after-show conversation.

[00:26:42] There's so much bonding and rapport in that moment. And there's so much connection that happens at that point. I mean, it's, it's really, really, really red. And when you truly connect with somebody like that, when you come back later and say, dude, let's go grab lunch or a cocktail. It's not a cold outreach at that point.

[00:27:00] Yeah. Yeah. You guys are like, Hey, let's talk further about, you know, The rodeo or fly fishing or whatever the fuck you're talking leadership and then, okay. Yeah. What do you do? Sure. I'll move all my money over to you. See, you seem like a good guy.

[00:27:14] Yeah. Going back to the financial advisor example there. Um, but yeah, I mean, I go on a lot of shows myself. Um, and yeah, I can't even tell you how many podcasts there's drop the ball. On the relationship, you [00:27:32] know, and I don't know if they've just never been taught the right way or they don't understand building relationships.

[00:27:39] I mean, I could probably go back in and even give them some feedback, but I'll tell you here's what happens. Come on my show. So they're asking for something, promote my show. When it goes live, they're asking for something, then you never freaking hear from them again. That's it such a huge missed opportunity?

[00:27:56] Well, here's the thing. Most people who launch podcast are doing it to become somebody, right. it's like they want this celebrity type status or something, and that's not the point of a podcast. I tell her employ everybody. Podcasts puts a voice to my brand, you know, because I can go talk, like I talk to the people I want to talk to and telling the story that I want to freaking tell.

[00:28:26] And when you can just put that kind of information out there, [00:28:31] you really build a trust factor with the people that are in you, your style of talking in a way you carry. And if you're out there and to try and become a celebrity, you're going to lose. Yeah. Yeah, because it takes too long, too much work and too much effort to hit that celebrity step.

[00:28:49] I mean, go back Joe Rogan, 10 years, Gary V if you listen to him talk, it was 10 years before Gary V became somebody on social. Yeah. Most people don't stick around that long. I mean, the, the, the, the, there's a whole bunch of podcasts sitting in what I like to call the podcast graveyard, where they never made it to episode 10.

[00:29:08] You know, there's a ton of them. I love telling people go back and watch Gary V on Ellen. The very first time Gary V is on Ellen. He's trying to compare wine to like shoe leather. And the dude eats like shoe leather in the middle of the fucking Ellen show. I mean, And he looks nothing like Gary V, but other than this, this shovel, you know, guy, you know, granted, he's still on Ellen, right?

[00:29:29] There's some [00:29:30] stuff there, but you know, most of us start out in one way and have the patience to play the long game. Yeah. Yeah. And I love what you said, right. Is having people on and building that level of trust. I love that. That's exactly what we tell people is like the, the, the process of building relationships through having people on your podcast, you know, the best way to describe it.

[00:29:54] There is they're skipping the regular sales and marketing funnel that you're trying with everybody else. And they're going straight into your trust funnel. 100%. I mean, and there's something different about calling up and saying, Hey, Collins, man, it was so awesome having you on my podcast, dude, let's grab a zoom.

[00:30:14] Let's grab a coffee, let's grab a cocktail. And can you skip all the informal more niceties of trying to connect with somebody and you've already are at this level of connection. That just leads to a lot more in depth. Cool [00:30:29] conversation. Yeah. Yeah. I somehow I knew that we were going to talk about podcasting.

[00:30:37] We were talking about podcasts before we hit record. And of course we were going to end up finishing up, talking about podcasting. Um, you got some really cool things you're working on. You've got some awesome new podcast, final thoughts. What do people need to know? How did they get into Donny's? Yeah. So the easiest thing for you guys to do, if you'd like to learn more about what we're doing from the bad-ass business summit to growth mode podcast, and all the networking groups and things that we're doing, just send the word success to 8 1 7 3 1 8 60 30.

[00:31:09] Text that over to you. I'll send you back all my information. There's a free course. I'm on sales and business development for you, but just text the word success to 8 1 7 3 1 8 60 30, and we'll send all the information over there or on any social media platform type in Donnie Bovie and or success [00:31:28] champions, all of our stuff will pop up, come hang out.

[00:31:30] Um, and, and man get afterlife. Life's too short to not go big, but as a thank you for to Collin guys, if you got any value out of this show whatsoever, do me the biggest favor and share the show with a buddy that needs to hear what Colin's doing over here. I mean, it's fun conversations is damn good hosts, but, but teach a buddy how to listen to this show because that's like walking and giving a virtual hug.

[00:31:58] When you tell somebody else about a show. So, so help teach someone else how to tune into this. Awesome. Donnie's clearly a pro. Um, so yeah, man, if you enjoyed today's episode, I disagree. If you share with your friends, we're always listening for your feedback as well. Thanks again, Donnie. We will drop all those links as well as the number of text in the show notes for everyone to get access.

[00:32:21] Uh, and. That is a wrap. Thanks, Tony. Thanks Billy. [00:32:27] Hey, you stuck around that tells me you're serious about your own sales transformation. If you're tired of doing things the old way and want to get started in your journey with other people on the same path, head over to sales, cast. community, and crush your numbers on your leaderboard.

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